Additional Services

Progressive Delivery

Our company offers our customers an exclusive service – Progressive delivery. The application of the following service can help our customers in managing the writing process of their orders, no matter their word count (for instance, a 20+pages double spaced paper or 10+-pages single-spaced paper).

Advantages of Our Service:

  • Each paper is to be sent to the customer so that he/ she gives his / her approval. The work can be sent in chapters, drafts or parts before the deadline set by the customers comes to an end.
  • All revisions are free within a period of 30 days. An ordinary paper may be revised within 2 days only.
  • The best professionals in the field of online writing.
  • Highly qualified manager. The communication between our customers and writers is always followed by this professional expert.

How is a Draft sent*:

  • - for an order with 4 days or less urgency – only 1 draft is delivered within 50% of the deadline set (e.g., if an order is to be ready in 2 days, a draft must be delivered in 1 day. Its volume should comprise 25% of the completed work. For instance, if the customer orders 25 pages, the draft is to be 5 pages).
  • - for an order with 5-11 days urgency – 2 drafts are delivered within 25% and 50% of the completed work after 25% and 50% of the deadline respectively.
  • - for an order with 12+ days urgency – 3 drafts are delivered in the volume of 25%, 50%, and 75% within the 25%, 50% and 75% of the order deadline.

The price for the following service is only +15% to the total order sum.

* In case the customer has a different opinion regarding the writing process, our manager will create an original plan in which all remarks and requirements will be taken into account. In order to do this, the customer should contact our manager in advance.

Additional Services for Short Orders (Less than 20 Pages)

1-page Summary
If there is a need, the final work can be summarized on 1 page only. A 1-page summary enables the customer to grasp all the main points indicated in the work.

Drafts of the Papers
This service assists the customer in obtaining a 1-page draft either single (600 words) or double (300 words) spaced after 50% of the deadline indicated. For instance, if the paper should be completed in 4 days, the draft should be sent in 2 days.

Extended Revision
All papers are to be revised, if there is an urgent need, within 48 hours from the moment it was sent to the customer. The service of extended revision prolongs this time to 14 days.

Lifetime discounts

  • 5% for more than 30 pages
  • 10% for more than 50 pages
  • 15% for more than 100 pages


  • Customer's choices of either double or single spaced writing;
  • 300 words per page
  • 1" margins on all sides;
  • 12 pt., Times New Roman font;
  • Formatting style of customer's choice;
  • Free reference page.

FREE Features

  • FREE revisions;
  • FREE Title page;
  • FREE Outline(on demand);
  • FREE Plagiarism report(on demand);
  • FREE Table of Contents(on demand);
  • FREE Bibliography.