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Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Here is a great chance to earn from every order placed by customers you introduce to our services. You will receive 10% from each friend’s order and the people you bring to us will qualify for a nice discount on their first SuperEssay.org order!

You need to order from us to kick-start your earnings. During the placement of your first order, an account will be established for you on our easy-to-use website. To participate in our affiliate program, we simply ask that you share the affiliate link or special discount code you find in your account, with your friends. You can email the code or link to people you know or share it by any method you find convenient. Anyone who then uses the code you send them or follows the link will be remembered by our system.


Upon clicking the affiliate link, the person you shared it with will be taken to our orders page where the promotional code entitling them to a discount will be automatically applied. It is in this way your friends will qualify for a special “first order” discount.

The money you earn (e.g., 10% per order) will be credited to your SuperEssay.org account when payment is received from your friend(s) and their order(s) completed. You may then use your earnings towards the next order(s) you place with us.

So, to summarize, all that is required of you is to share an affiliate link or special code you will find in your SuperEssay.org account with your friends/acquaintances. When they enter this code on the order form or click the link you provided, they will automatically receive a “new customer” discount and you get a percentage (10%) of the order price. Thus, our affiliate program is win-win all the way for you and your friends!


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