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blog/how-to-write-rhetorical-analysis-essay.html How to Write a Rhetorical Analysis Essay January 10th 2019

In the traditional sense, rhetoric is an integrative discipline, located at the intersection of linguistics, literature, psychology, history, and philosophy. Students should be able to find a thought and to clothe it in an elegant verbal wrapper that corresponds to the proposed communicative situation. It is not by chance that this discipline is defined as the science and the art of eloquence at the same time. However, the ability to generate one's statement is far from the only task the learners face while studying this subject. The ability to perceive speech in all types of words and the ...

blog/how-to-write-synthesis-essay.html How to Write a Synthesis Essay January 9th 2019

The analysis is the most important method of scientific comprehension of a literary work. However, the analytical division of the whole into components cannot be an end in itself. A work of art is a system in many respects similar to a living organism, and this means that it has the property of integrity, which is richer than the sum of the elements constituting the system. The ultimate goal of considering a literary work is the knowledge of this particular aesthetic integrity. Only such knowledge is adequate to the very nature of art, which is a complete organism both in its struct...

blog/management-topics.html Articles on Management Topics January 9th 2019

Many students choose to work in the sphere of management. Thus, during their studies, they have to conduct a number of researches on various management topics. No matter how challenging the task may appear from the very beginning, any research is vital for passing the course and receiving a top grade.Prior to choosing the theme for your future research, the student should opt for the area of interest. It is better when you research the topic you are passionate about. Here are some management articles any student may find interesting. ...


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