How to Write a College Paper


Only a student whose knowledge and skills fully comply with the rules of academic writing can write a proper college research paper. He or she can apply knowledge in a new, unfamiliar situation, has his or her position on the key issues of the subject and is able to express and convincingly defend it, to make assessments and to formulate statements.

The essay assumes the expression of the author’s standpoint, the subjective personal evaluation of the subject matter of reasoning, enables non-standard (creative), original coverage of the material; often, it is written in the form of conversation or expression of emotions and imagery.

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The Essence of the College Research Paper

The process of writing a paper for college has some rules. The essay should be perceived as a whole; the idea should be understandable. It should not contain anything superfluous. A paper must include only the information that is necessary for the disclosure of your position and the main idea. The paper should have a competent compositional construction, be logical and clear in structure. Each paragraph of the essay should contain only one thought. The text should show that its author knows and uses theoretical concepts, terms, generalizations, and ideas meaningfully. The paper should contain convincing arguments stated on the issue position.

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Find a Relevant Topic

Choosing the right theme is the key to success in academic writing. You should not write about well-known things. Try to find new problematic issues. Even if you have to consider a proverbial topic, find alternative approaches to it. Show your creative approach to solving the problem. Learn examples from other authors’ works for inspiration. However, this does not mean that you have to copy their texts. These papers should give you motivation and push you toward interesting ideas.

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College Paper Format

To start your text, you must find the arguments for and against some statements. Select examples, facts, and situations from your life and for each argument. Think about what tools you will use to make the language of your essay more interesting and alive (comparisons, analogies, epithets, etc.). Distribute the matched arguments and counterarguments in sequence. It will be your conditional plan. State your point of view in the consistency you have chosen. Formulate general conclusions of the work and, if necessary, edit it.

Text Editing

Finished work requires editing. You have to reread your paper several times and fix all errors. Pay attention to the spelling of difficult words (such as terms). Check the use of punctuation marks. Make sure you prefer the appropriate style of speech. Avoid colloquial speech. Do not write too long sentences. Divide the essay into paragraphs, which means that only one idea should be described in one paragraph. Write unique texts, do not copy the works of other scientists. Remember, every paper is checked for plagiarism. If you decide to cheat, your deception will be revealed. As a result, you will have a lot of problems.

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Some Important Facts

Pay attention to these tips in order to know how to write a paper for college. It is worth noting that there are no absolutely correct or incorrect answers to questions in humanitarian sciences, as it happens in physics or mathematics, there are only more or less reasoned points of view. The final grade for an essay, as a rule, is made according to your ideas, own judgments, and arguments. When presenting your position, you demonstrate the ability to assess the range of data and perspectives (arguments) of others critically and independently. It also develops the skills of understanding, evaluating. and establishing the connection between the key points of any problems and issues. You may also develop the ability to differentiate what is more and less important. Essay writing helps to understand analytical approaches and models, readiness to differentiate opposite approaches and models and their application to the empirical material, discussion of fundamental issues.

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Avoid such things:

• Misunderstanding of the stated topic essence.
• Lack of structuring in the statement.
• The use of rhetoric (assertion) instead of argumentation (evidence).
• Careless handling of data, including excessive generalization.
• Too extensive narrative not supported by the analytical material.
• Statements of other points of view without reference to the authors of these ideas and expressing their position.


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