How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay


The Essence of the Compare and Contrast Essay

Active processes of globalization and integration determine the nature of the relationship between human beings and the world. Modern society seeks to explore reality with the use of effective methods. Among such techniques are comparison and analysis.
The compare and contrast essay describes how the objects or phenomena under comparison are similar or different. Visit the library and learn the most outstanding compare and contrast essay examples in order to have an idea about this type of scientific work.

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A comparison is an analysis tool, means of development, and building reasoning that encourages students to be active and accustomed to seeing the different facets of the subjects being studied, their originality, and differences from others. The need to make a choice entails the comparisons of different options, makes you consider possible differences in detail, or vice versa, the similarity of one phenomenon or object to another. Comparative essay creating can develop critical thinking, analytical reasoning, and writing skills.

Reasons for Writing a Compare and Contrast Essay

Scientists identify practical situations where it becomes necessary to write a compare and contrast essay. In other words, such a paper can be directed to the implementation of some pragmatic tasks.
An author may strive to show which of the two (or more) compared objects is better in one aspect or another. The writer may also show that two objects, which appear to be different, are one and the same. The purpose of this essay is to convince the reader that there are no significant differences between the two objects. The researcher can strive to demonstrate that two objects, which seem the same, in fact, are completely different from each other. The purpose of such a paper is to convince the reader to differentiate the objects being described.

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Writing Algorithm

Explore the application area of the objects. This means that if they belong to one field of science, you need to study this field in great detail in order to have an idea of all the features of this area of knowledge. Only then can you proceed to the study of each of the elements. First, it is necessary to analyze the subjects separately. Take a sheet of paper and write down the main characteristics of the object. For example, if you analyze a literary text, note its main features, such as the theme, idea, and style of presentation. Then analyze the smaller details. After this, conduct the same analysis of the second object. Read your notes and highlight common and distinctive features of the analyzed elements.
Pay attention to every detail. Use dictionaries and scientific manuals in your work. In order to learn how to write the correct compare and contrast essay, you need to study a lot of examples. They will help you to see the distinctive features in the texts. There are many examples of such works on the Internet.

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Start your essay with an introduction, tell the audience about the topic of your work and the field of knowledge you are studying. Inform readers about the purpose of this comparison. In the body of the text, you need to give examples that confirm your theories.
After you have defined everything common and distinctive, you need to conclude, i.e., come to some kind of result. Write about how difference (or similarity) affects the understanding of a scientific problem, art style, social phenomenon, etc. Conclusions should be short and clear. You can build this part of the work in the form of short theses. This form of writing will make reading and perception of the text as convenient and understandable as possible.

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Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

There are many topics for compare and contrast essay. For example, you can explore different phenomena in many areas of the humanities (literature, history, art, sociology, political science, psychology, pedagogy, cultural studies, linguistics, etc.).

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