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How to Write a Movie Review

A movie review aims to inform the reader about the movie and its ideas. At first, it may seem very easy. Still, many people make mistakes, especially when they just describe all events that take place in the movie and express their opinions. In a good movie review, aside from stating your opinion about the movie, you also need to adopt unbiased objective approach.

The review helps people to understand whether they want to see a particular film or not. Sometimes, an instructor can assign a specific title and movie to review. Even under such circumstances, you should create your review as if your instructor has not watched it before. Additionally, your movie review should be detailed enough to make the decision of watching the movie or not easier.

How to write a review

Watch the assigned film twice. In the process of viewing, make notes of the key and minor events and characters. Remember that memory is a particularly treacherous thing, and there are always important details that just slip our mind.

Conduct in-depth research. Just watching the movie will not suffice. Thus, it makes sense to conduct research. Get a line at the filmmaker, his/her purpose of shooting a particular movie, locations, plot, characterization, historic events that inspired the film. In fact, your research is needed to gather information that will give insight into the movie.

Analyze the film after viewing it. Do not get down to your review if you are not sure whether you have understood the movie correctly. Watch it once again if there is a necessity. Analyze the movie from the beginning to the end. Only when you have a right conception of the events that took place in the movie, you will be able to write your review effortlessly.

Draw a concise outline you will stick while writing

Mention the examples of claims you make about the movie. If the plot has some shortcomings, provide an example of the situation or scene where it was perceived. Additionally, if the character(s) is not sufficiently developed or improper casting cast a shade on the quality of the movie, provide examples as well. If you want your readers to agree with you, support your claims with evidence. Otherwise, it will create an impression that you criticize the movie without rhyme or reason.

Give your opinion about the originality and quality of the film. Elucidate what makes the movie standout or whether it just applies the approach employed in other works of the industry.

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How to organize your movie review

The quality of the review is wholly dependent on the way you organize it. Irrespective of the type of paper you produce, remember that a well-structured outline will guarantee the success of your paper. Outlines will help you to concentrate on the subject matter and provide a logical flow of your ideas.

Furthermore, mapping out your writing in advance will help you to save some time later on. Instead of racking your mind of what to write, you will have a well-structured plan at your disposal. Most importantly, an immaculate organization of your writing will save you from the nerve-wracking experience.

Here is a movie review template that will help you to get started:

  • Introductory part(title, release date, general information about the movie)
  • Summary of the movie plot
  • Elucidation of the plot elements (rising action, climax)
  • Creative elements (dialogs, characters, camera techniques, mood, symbols, overalls, or other elements that supplemented the plot)
  • Opinion (backed up with examples and facts from the movie)
  • Conclusion (stating whether the filmmaker managed to implement his purpose, restate your evidence, provide an explanation of how the movie contributed to the general understanding of the course topic)

Movie Review Outline

  • Introductory part (title, topic, release date, general information about the film)
  • Precision of depiction
  • The sources that were used in the documentary
  • Creative elements that contribute or take away from the overall plot (analyze the quality of the script, visual design, actors’ excellence, lights, style, clothes, set design, symbols)
  • Your final attitude towards the movie
  • Conclusion Paragraph

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