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Articles on Management Topics

Many students choose to work in the sphere of management. Thus, during their studies, they have to conduct a number of researches on various management topics. No matter how challenging the task may appear from the very beginning, any research is vital for passing the course and receiving a top grade.Prior to choosing the theme […]

How to Write a Synthesis Essay

The analysis is the most important method of scientific comprehension of a literary work. However, the analytical division of the whole into components cannot be an end in itself. A work of art is a system in many respects similar to a living organism, and this means that it has the property of integrity, which […]

Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics

Many students are used to writing essays on the topics which are assigned by their instructors. It does not require any efforts since choosing good persuasive essay topics can take a lot of time. Regardless of how good persuasive speech topics assigned by the instructor are, the students are unable to reject them even if […]


In the hierarchical system of syntactic units, a sentence takes the central place. It is considered, on the one hand, as a unit formed from words and phrases, and on the other hand, as a unit that is segregated from the text. Formulating sentences, words, and phrases are combined by syntactic relationships and express opinions, […]

Top Compelling Cause and Effect Topics

Cause and effect essays are meant to analyze why certain things happen and what results they bring. To provide a well-structured cause and effect essay, take the following steps: Study why a certain issue has happened or exists. Think over what caused the situation. Study the outcomes of the event, decision, or situation. Trace the […]