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Cheap Essay Writing Services are “Risky Business”

College students have been using online essay sources to meet their writing assignment needs. In the past, this was not such a problem because there was no way to discover that a student had submitted an essay or paper from some Internet source. Things have changed! Today, there is software that all colleges and universities use in order to find plagiarism by comparing what a student has submitted to everything that is in the cyberspace. Thus, to buy cheap essays online from a questionable company is simply too risky now. A cheap essay price offered by many disreputable companies can mean only poor quality or plagiarism because good writers simply will not work for such a low wage.


Fortunately, there are also honest writing services, and the student who finds one of these will never face charges of plagiarism or low grades for poor research or writing. They offer reasonable costs and also produce the best essay writing. Locating one of these will take some simple but necessary research. It is actually quite easy to conduct some preliminary Internet research using a company’s name. If there are a large number of complaints, these will show up. A second step will be to actually contact the company. If you are able to speak to a real person, all will be wonderful. It is a good clue that the service is a good one and will offer professional custom essay help. Cheap essay writing services will not have a customer service staff with whom you can speak – they will only want you to buy essay and paper writing through a brief order form. 


Another thing to investigate is the process by which an order is fulfilled. If the order form allows you to insert a lot of the detailed information about your project, it is a good sign. Will you also get a single writer with whom you can converse? An established, ethical service will always provide this, for it allows transparency in the process. How do you receive your work, and if you are not happy with it or some of its parts, can you request revisions? Cheap companies simply deliver it to your email address and walk away. You then have no recourse, for they will not respond to your protests.

Cost is always an important factor for students. On the other hand, common sense tells you that if you have a writer with a Master’s degree and lots of experience, that individual will not conduct research and produce original writing for the cheap price that some companies offer. A customized service from a professional will cost more, and you should expect this. What you are really looking for is an agency that has reasonable pricing and is perhaps just a bit above the average costs of writing services you research. The point is that you want custom essay help from a qualified writer who will talk to you, follow your instructions, and deliver your order on time.


“Red flags” include a lack of communication, an order form that is sketchy, and an inability to contact the service with questions or concerns. Find a service that wants you to be involved, and you will have the best essay writing you can find!


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