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Computer Technologies

Windows XP to Linux Migration Strategy

Introduction Windows XP terminals are sources of vulnerabilities for the LSDG institution. The flaw is owed to the fact that Microsoft no longer offers support with patches to the obsolete operating system. Windows XP is meant to run on hardware that is being phased out by modern, improved infrastructure. Targeted attacks will cost the company […]

Video Game Industry

1. What approaches have allowed entrants to the home video game industry to successfully capture market share from their predecessors and ensure profitability of their businesses? It is apparent that the video game industry has witnessed a tremendous growth since its inception. Another trend in the video game industry is that new entrants have always […]

System Life Cycle Development

System Life Cycle Development (SDLC) is one of the recently introduced conceptual framework models in the project management field. It describes various stages that can be used in the development of an information system of a project, from the initial stage of identifying the problem and carrying out feasibility study of how the problem will […]

Reveton Ransomware

There is a new drive-by virus on the Internet that is being referred to as Reveton Ransomware. This virus has been observed to carry along a message to the computer users requiring them to pay a fine for reportedly having been caught committing some forms of cybercrimes, such as being associated with sites broadcasting child […]

Networking and Wireless Spectrum Talk

The relationship between processing resources and communication resources on protocols is that both follow the same network model of interaction. This interaction starts from the application layer, goes on to transport layer the data link and physical layers. This layer is called the OSI reference model. The two resources have been developed in a way […]