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Cyber Security Website Risk Assessment of Adidas US

Introduction, Overview, and Description

The e-commerce website examined in this assessment is that of the Adidas Group which includes the production of shoes, apparel, and accessories for various sport companies. Adidas is a global company that operates in more than 160 countries and employs more than 55000 workers. The nearly 80 million products that the company sells every year generate sales worth about €17 billion. Undoubtedly, these numbers indicate that the structure and functions of the company are complex. The company is a market leader in the sale of training pants, sport shoes, hoodies, pullovers, tights, tees, jackets, socks, arm sleeves, track pants, anchor beanie, and trunk briefs.


The Adidas website boasts of a number of functionalities. Firstly, it functions on various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google+, You Tube, Instagram, and also ensures other ways of communication. These platforms allow customers to interact with the company and vice versa. The company can use the various media platforms on its website to inform its customers about new products, product launches, and important changes in the company (Niu 1). On the other hand, the customers can use the media platforms to enquire about products and register complaints when necessary.

Secondly, there is the functionality that allows customers to customize their products. The functionality allows customers to customize featured products, sportive and original. Customers have the opportunity to personalize their shoes, soccer jerseys, and original products in order to correspond to the superstar status.

Thirdly, Adidas provides a functional search system that allows customers to key in their search words. The system then determines whether such words exist or not by providing a list of the existing options. Moreover, there is the online shopping basket option which allows customers to shop for soccer, men’s climaheat, and injection pack. Another important thing is that the company has a newsletter sign up function. The functionality allows users to sign up and create accounts which they can login into at any time, in order to read about the important news and information about the company. There is an option of the shopping bag where customers’ purchases are accumulated before they can proceed to check out. Finally, there is the online credit card processing function that allows payments to be made in exchange for the purchases. Customers can purchase their preferred products or get paid online for the services rendered to the company.

Adidas offers services such as tracking and shipping, sizing, dealing with returns and exchanges, personalizing gears, and helping to locate stores. The services are mostly geared toward improving customer experience with the company.

 The Type of Data Being Processed, Transmitted, or Collected

Adidas processes the card credit holder’s data and accepts such credit cards as VISA, Mater Card, American Express, Discovery, and payPal. Even though the options are used mainly for making payments, they can also track the number of customers that the company has and the frequency of payments they make. Additionally, there is the personal identifying information. During sign up, the user is requested to provide his or her email address and password. Some of the data that the company can collect includes the types of products that the customers buy along with their quantity, the frequency of the purchases made, and the countries form which the customers come from. The company can use the personal identification tool to provide data regarding tracking and tracing of an order that a customer makes.

 The Owner of the Domain where Adidas Website is Hosted

The owner of the domain where Adidas website is hosted is noris.net Hostmaster, while the organization is referred to as Noris Network AG and can be found in Thomas-Mann Street 16-20, in the city of Nuernberg (“Adidas.com” 1).

 Important information about the Company from Yahoo.com

Yahoo.com has important information regarding the locations of Adidas in the United States. The information found includes the locations of Adidas company in Dallas, Houston, Nashville, Charlotte, and Atlanta. The company’s chief executive is Kasper Rorsted, and Roland Auschel is the company’s executive member responsible for Global sales, while Glenn Bennett is the executive member responsible for the company’s Global Operations. Eric Liedtke is the company’s executive member, responsible for Global Brands, and finally, Robin J. Stalker is the company’s Chief Financial Officer. From the domain information gathered previously, the following could be the email addresses of the company’s executives: Kasperrorsted@adidas.com, Roland auschel@adidas.com, Glennbennett@adidas.com, Ericliedtke@adidas.com, and RobinJstalker@adidas.com.

People with malicious purposes may want the names and email addresses of the company’s executives for a number of reasons. Firstly, the executives steer the organization toward meeting its business goals, and to achieve this objective, the executives must communicate constantly. Therefore, a person with malicious intentions may want to know the kind of business information that the executives could have been sharing by hacking into their accounts. Secondly, such person may use the names and email addresses to unethically hack into the accounts of the executives to obtain classified information for financial gains (Satapathy and Patra 2). In addition, they may sell the information to a competitor or to ask the executives to make payments in order to ensure that such information stays private. Therefore, the information can be used by those who are not authorized to access it for financial extortion (Purwati 81).

 Written Policies on the Website

Finally, Adidas Group has a policy in regard to forced labor and human trafficking. In this policy, the company notes that they strongly oppose to the use of forced labor as well as human trafficking in all of their companies globally. The company then gives their definition of forced labor and human trafficking, and how they have been prohibiting such practice in their supply chain. In the policy, Adidas explains the training and accountability measures they take. Finally, the company highlights how it supports advocacy groups and its approaches to human rights.

 Privacy and/or Information Security Awareness Page

Adidas has a page dedicated to privacy and information security awareness. The company claims that its workers are strongly committed to protecting the privacy of their customers’ personal information, collected or available on the website (“Privacy Policy” 1). The policy is applicable to the data that Adidas collects through its website. Under the terms and conditions, the Adidas Group reports that the company provides its customers with different shipping, e-commerce, and community services. Anyone who chooses to use the web site is deemed to have read and agreed with the terms. However, anyone who does not agree with the terms is expected to exit the web site immediately. The other terms and conditions may be applied during the purchase of the company’s products. Specifically, there are policies on copyright and ownership, product content and specifications, shipping limitations, information accuracy, links to third parties, unauthorized use of computer systems, account security, information control, fees, access and interference, and force majeure. There is also a policy on privacy and limitation of liability.

 How the Website Secures Transactions

The company does not request the card number after checking out, therefore, it is not possible to complete this process.

 Certification of the Website

No information is provided regarding how the website certifies its information and data. Therefore, on the outside, it may appear that the website is not certified. Most e-business companies certify their businesses using Norton, which can be seen in Adidas. Besides, there are other certification methods which are also unavailable.

 Account Information

To change password, an individual is required to enter the email address that was used to open an account. Once the email address has been entered and the okay button is clicked, an email is sent immediately, with the link that when clicked, redirects the user to the company’s website. The link is temporary and lasts only for two hours — therefore, it must be used as soon as possible. The attempt of trying to change the password by using the word “password” will not succeed. Instead, a user is asked to key in at least one additional letter or number, but the total number of characters can not be less than eight. The steps require users to provide the real email address that was used to create the account, through which a recovery link is also sent. When I checked how the website operates and clicked on the temporary link sent to the email, it redirected me to the company’s website where I was asked to key in 8 new characters for the new password. The characters had to contain one letter or number. I chose one letter and eight numbers which I was requested to repeat before successfully logging into my account.

 Missed Number of Authentication Before Being Locked out of the Website

There is no limit in regard to the number of authentications that a user needs to attempt before being locked out of the website. However, so long as the attempt is wrong, the user can not log into their account.

 Resetting Password

My process of resetting password began by providing the email that was used to create the account through which a recovery link was sent to me. The temporary link sent to the email was clicked, and it redirected me to the company’s website where I was asked to key in 8 new characters for the new password. The characters had to contain one letter or number. I chose one letter and eight numbers which I was requested to repeat before successfully logging into my account.

 Alerts or Email Notifications Available

The email notifications are for the company’s news and discount offers. Every time a user inserts their email address, the company sends them notifications. Also, the emails sent to individuals who have signed up to receive them are automatically generated.

 Other Pertinent Information/Security

The website has a page that records a customer’s order history. Similarly, there is an option that provides records for the products that a customer recommends. There is also information on secure shopping. However, the company does not provide any information regarding the method that it uses to certify its website.


• Shipment of purchases from Adidas US is currently permitted only to people living in the United States. The company can extend the services beyond the US boundaries, but with added security measures.
• The company could provide its security certification, but it is not currently evident on its website.



Adidas America Inc has different useful functions on its website, including social media platforms, search tools, the online shopping basket, and newsletter functions. Besides, the company has strategies for processing data. Another important thing is that the company has put in place policies that instruct on the use or disuse of information found on the website. Even though the company has endeavored to secure its information and data, there is still the opportunity that some people with ill intentions may seek to get the information through unauthorized means. For instance, some people can hack the company’s information for blackmail or financial gains. Therefore, the company must continually identify and use innovative security options that would counter the attempts done with malicious motives that aim to compromise the security of customers and company’s data and information.

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