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Networking and Wireless Spectrum Talk

The relationship between processing resources and communication resources on protocols is that both follow the same network model of interaction. This interaction starts from the application layer, goes on to transport layer the data link and physical layers. This layer is called the OSI reference model. The two resources have been developed in a way that they both follow the universal network layer in order to convey the messages from the sender to the receiver.

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Physical objects also limit the wireless frequencies. The number of walls that a wireless signal can pass through is determined by density of the materials that were used to build the wall. Very strong walls weaken or entirely prevent the signals from passing through them. As the demand for wireless networks keeps growing, the challenges of speed performance and coverage affect them. The main problem is that wireless networks have high rates of interference, as compared to wired networks. The wireless networks also cover very limited ground.

The software-defined ratio is characterized as a radio communication system, where hardware components are implemented using the software utilized on embedded systems and personal computers. An FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array is an IC designed to give the user the ability to configure or design after manufacturing.

Dynamic Frequency Access is the set of techniques that are based on the theoretical concepts in networking and gaming theory that are being researched and developed to improve the performance levels of a communication network in its entirety.

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Radio spectrum can be used in meteorology to monitor and predict the changes in weather, water levels, and in climate. Radio spectrum is employed in the collection and measurement of data in which climatic disaster predictions and detections are based. Accurate predictions are critical in the meteorology sector, and radio spectrum can help to achieve very precise results.

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