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Computer Technologies

Internet of Things: WIFI vs. ZigBee vs. RFID

Abstract Internet of things technology refers to interconnection of physical objects through a distributed network. The things are capable of collecting a variety of data on conditions in environments, for example, temperature, humidity, pressure, and motions. These objects send these data to each other and across other computer systems. There are many network technologies used […]

Informatics and Computing

Wireless Networking Security Network operating system is a system where two or more computers are connected with the purpose of sharing resources. The available resources include exchange files, printers, and compact discs (Chen, 2013). Computers are linked in a network through satellites, radio waves, cables, infrared light beams, and telephone lines. Basically, there are two […]


Overview of the Problem The key issues at IBM that need to be managed include ensuring quality management of the company’s activities through leadership styles that create assurance on fast delivery of products, systems’ software and effective marketing opportunities. The company’s authorities target towards creating marketing conditions that result to maximizing production by means of […]


Introduction Technology and the future provide an unmatched collection of information on the ways in which technology shapes society and communities, while the technology itself gets shaped by the social trends (Teich 13). In the current days, it is very easy to complete many things extremely fast and efficiently using Internet electronically and through other […]

Effects of Technology

Technology was the biggest influence human society had during the history. From the ancient times, technologies were used in many spheres of life. As the time was passing by, technologies were more and more influencing human-related areas. Eventually, technologies became an inseparable part of our life, making it safe and comfortable. Each technological invention was […]