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Computer Technologies

Cyber Security Website Risk Assessment of Adidas US

Introduction, Overview, and Description The e-commerce website examined in this assessment is that of the Adidas Group which includes the production of shoes, apparel, and accessories for various sport companies. Adidas is a global company that operates in more than 160 countries and employs more than 55000 workers. The nearly 80 million products that the […]

Criminal Activity on Social Media Network Sites

With the advancement in technology, social media inform of social networking sites such as Google, twitter, linkendln and Facebook are now available to anyone within the reach of the internet. While these site are meant to be a way of people exchanging ideas or sharing of information which can be of importance, social media has […]

Computerization of Accounting Systems

An efficient and effective accounting management system relies heavily on availability of timely and precise fiscal information. Most of the time, the businesses’ accounting structures provide these sets of information. There are several attributes to the issues such as availability of low cost knowledge, new reporting necessities, the urge to work towards sustainability and expansion. […]

Computer skills

The world’s technological aspect is growing at a very rapid rate with computers playing a vital role in this development process. Computers have enabled its users to execute a wide range of tasks with ease. This has led to computerization of almost every activity hence increasing the demand of computer skills. Although computers are very […]

Computer Science and Technology: The analysis of the article on ”Research Challenges for Security of Control System”

Introduction The paper presents the analysis of the article on “Research Challenges for Security of Control Systems” by Cardenas Alvaro, Amin Saurabh, and Sastry Shankar (2008). It also includes the discussion of the article’s relevance to the concepts learned in class and discussed in the textbook System Analysis and Design in a Changing World (Satzinger, […]