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European Social Charter and the USA

In terms of working on the presented research question, much attention was paid to the European Social Charter as one of the basic documents in the context of European economics. Without a doubt, it plays a crucial role in the sphere of social, political, and economic regulations. Remarkably, its significance cannot be underestimated under any pretext, as it encompasses a wide range of issues. That is why there is a necessity in analyzing this document and elucidating the particular features connected with its functioning. Thus, the leading goal of this essay is to discuss the importance of the European Social Charter in terms of its influence on the activity of the major U.S. firms and companies in European countries.


Conventionally, Council of Europe treaty was signed in 1961 and came into force in 1965. The last country which ratified this document was the then West Germany. Some amendments were made in the late 1990s. It is to note that the implementation of this document guaranteed the provision of vital human rights and liberties. The paper was also called to initiate a supervisory mechanism that can be envisaged as a method of respecting the economic and social interests of all states parties (Churchill & Khaliq, 2004).

It is to admit that the Charter regulated the provision of rights in such spheres as housing, labor, employment, reduction of working hours, and equality in the payment modes for everyone regardless of race or gender. As a result, its basic principles gained enormous popularity. To be more precise, the American companies are obliged to fulfill the clauses of this document in the aforementioned areas if they want to conduct their affairs with the European partners. As a result, the paper is essential in the aspect of intergovernmental economic regulation. Its core principles are impossible to omit by the U.S. financial and trade establishments (United States Mission to the European Union, 2016).


To conclude, it is pretentious to remark that the role of the European Social Charter is worth taking into an accurate consideration, as it is called to regulate the provision of the fair economic strategies on the international arena and the American companies entering it must have a profound understanding of the principles the Charter stresses on to be able to operate on the territory of the EU effectively and avoid legal issues.

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