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Elements of a Contract

Contract Law A contract is an agreement or a promise that two parties make to perform a given task, provide a product, or commit to act that becomes enforced by law. In fact, a contract is very complex as compared to the agreement between two individuals. According to Burton and Eisenberg (2015), most people think […]

The Economics of Protectionism

The history of international economic relations is associated with the development of two concepts in the approach of international relations and as a result of it – the two trends in the state of foreign policy. Protectionists consider the necessity of the implementation of the state protection of domestic producers from foreign competitors. Free traders […]

Economic Impact on Jobs and Houston’s Economy after the Expansion of Houston’s Hobby Airport

Abstract On 4th April, 2012, Houston Airport System presented an interoffice correspondence memorandum to the mayor of Houston; there they highlighted a proposal. It contained the information that if implemented it would foresee the expansion of Hobby airport. However, after the proposal was accepted, there a breaking report made by Dr. Smith of the United […]

Economic Analysis of Coke and Pepsi

In the twenty-first century, business enterprises continue to experience remarkable changes in their operations. The advent of technological advancement dictates that companies must not cease to explore new ways to keep their market share. The worst affected business entities are multinational companies. They not only need to keep their brands afloat, but also fight off […]

Comparison of federal government budget

The federal government budget increased from the year 1979 through 1992, 2000, 2004 to 2009. The increase is attributable to various external and internal macroeconomic factors. The budget estimates for these years are 967.3, 2472.7, 3814.2, 4173 and 5622.7 billion dollars respectively. This shows a five years increase in budget. The main components of government […]