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Environmental Studies

Nowadays, more and more people drink coffee and have no doubts that it is the most popular commodity in the modern trade. Products with great demand usually grow by using artificial supplements and suffer from low quality of the final product, which can bring health problems to consumers. However, the environment gets more damage. Deforestation, lower quality soils, and spoiled water are main problems we should expect from great manufactory growing coffee according to free trade rules. If production was established within fair trade rules, we would have healthier product for the population. It could even prevent such problems as spoiled water and very low quality of soils level. Nevertheless, we will still have problems with forests. It is obvious that everyone expects the product to have good quality, and people usually do not care about manufacturing and influence of additional supplements.


When talking about free trade, it provides paying no bills, taxes, and worse conditions for workers. As a result, we cannot expect high-quality goods in any area because of reluctance of the workforce. Nevertheless, we have a drastically different situation with fair trade. Beyond any doubts, payment for the completed job will be higher, and we have to provide conditions that are more or less suitable for work. Prices for target product will increase, but it demands availability of a good competitive commodity in the global market. Eventually, it will become competitive there and, in general, positively influence the world trade. There will appear newer conceptions for the development of fair business. For ordinary people these changes can help make a proper decision to get the best product. Customers will positively accept it and, as a result, entrepreneurs will have higher income.

In conditions of free trade, work usually people of the Third World. It is a very hard life; in fact, it is so complicated to try another life for people who have all leisure facilities. Of course, we cannot see on TV the reality of free trade workers but, without any doubts, money they receive can be called «bloody». The video illustrates the harsh life of workers and their exploitation on the first stage of making coffee. The only one way to solve it is to shuffle free trade into fair one. It brings better living and provides people with higher quality of their lives.

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