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Cell Phone Technology

Short Term Medical Conditions Due to the Use of Cell Phone Technology

Increased Accidents

Both pedestrians and drivers are responsible for the accidents that are caused by the use of cell phone technology. Due to the increased portability, reduced size and clarity of the communication channel people tend to get more engrossed in their conversations than in their activities at hand. When a person is therefore operating a machine or is driving a car, they take calls that reduce their concentration on whatever they are involved in. This causes the increase in the number of accidents that are reported every day. Machine operators are also in this category, leading to accidents at workplaces. This is a major short-term effect of cell phones on people’s health. Thousands of lives have been lost and phone calls are prohibited for drivers on the roads in most countries.


Positive Effects of Cell Phone Technology

As stated earlier, cell phone technology has become a vital aspect of daily living of different people in various societies. It has become an integral part of the way people manage their days as well as their resources. Cell phone technology is among the technologies that has infiltrated the society with the highest penetration. Many people in developed countries own a mobile phone from a young age. In the developing countries, there is an increase in the number of people who own a cell phone device. The cell phone technology has come along with many effects, some being positive, while others are negative. The following are some of the key effects of the cell phone technology that are economically positive.


Communication is a fundamental ingredient of any form of business. It ensures that there is a free articulation of ideas, complaints, and concerns among others. Communication enhances the path, followed by the goods form the manufacturer to the consumer. It also provides consumers with a chance to have a channel where they express their feedback, helping the management to come up with the necessary remedies. All these vital concerns are taken care of by the use of mobile phone technology. It is important that the communication is done from anywhere, making it easier for one to manage a product path even when travelling or being outside the office. The absence of the key decision maker does not hamper production or any other process.

Cheap communication

As highlighted, communication is a vital aspect of any developing economy. Expensive communication is therefore harmful for the economic status of an economy in general. The analogous devices were big in size and some of them used wires. Moreover, it was expensive to maintain the communication channels because wires are more susceptible to damages than cell phone technology. Traditionally, one problem in an area would affect everyone, but that is rare with cell phone technology. This makes cell phone technology much cheaper, allowing more people to use it to improve their livelihood.

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Job creation

Many factories and industries have been set up recently to manufacture cell phones due to the technology used. There are also many other people who have come up with innovative ideas, such as improving the sale of music by introducing ringtones and photos to the phones. Others have set up shops where they repair the cell phones in case there was a breakdown. All this boils down to more opportunities being discovered within the industry. Recently, a new method in which people can transfer money simply using cell phones was developed and implemented. Thousands of people are now in the money transfer industry where they have gained employment. It is therefore evident that the cell phone technology has created thousands, if not millions of jobs all over the world.


Cell phone has ensured that there is a more urgent response to emergencies. This has ensured that there are fewer people and less property that are destroyed in the emergencies like fire. In the earlier technologies, there was only one way of communication and only one person could talk at a time. Cell phone technology has eradicated the limitation and people talk more freely. This helps when one gets hysterical and talks fast and is rarely hard to understand what they say, hence need interruptions. In this case, people are allowed to communicate freely which eventually helps in reduction of destruction.


Knowledge infiltration in a society is an important driver to the success of any economy. The movement of products in the market as well as their price fluctuations helps investors determine the ventures they need to consider. This is easily done via a cell phone, which is portable as compared to radios and other analogous devices. The cell phone technology has incorporated Internet in their devices as well as radios and TVs. Transfer of data is therefore easy and cheap. This has made all people who need it be aware of its functionality in order to help them make informed choices that eventually raises the economic status of a person.


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