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Gun Control: Gun possession and gun control issues

Gun possession and gun control issues belong to the most controversial concerns of the American society. They cause heated disputes and commonly become arguments in the political rally. The discussions get activated with renewed vigor and attract the public attention due to the recurrent cases of gun violence with lots of casualties or other horrifying scenes of cruelty and bloody shootings in various American states and cities. The gun-related issue splits the society into the passionate gun adherers that vigorously protect a constitutional right of the firearms possession and the supporters of imposing gun control restrictions. Despite the fact that the adherers of both camps can present equally reasonable evidence defending their point of view, the followers of gun possession prevail. The present research paper provides certain judgments of the gun control opponents who declare inefficiency of restricting gun control legislation.


Everybody in the American society is aware that the Bill of Rights (1791) legalized gun possession and it remains valid till the present. Despite the indicated issue raising lots of arguments, it is worth to remember that the above-stated document not only allows bearing the firearms but also guarantees certain civil rights and liberties for all the Americans, which is the primary principal of democracy. Any other interpretations of the Constitutional law are not acceptable because any critical amendments can be precedential and may confuse other constitutional provisions.

Secondly, the implementation of the gun control restrictions cannot secure the society completely and is, consequently, unable to reduce the criminal statistics. The practice has demonstrated that even severe gun control limitations create more obstacles for the law-abiding citizens than for the criminals. Additionally, such restrictions can revive the gun-related black market as well as the illegal schemes of the weapon delivery that affect the American economy. Furthermore, such applied restrictions can abridge guaranteed rights.

Thirdly, everybody forgets that gun possession plays a crucial role in preventing the crimes and in self-defense as well. The National Crime Victimization Survey reports regarding 100,000 cases annually, in which guns were helping in averting the assault or gun invasion.

The article “4 Pro-gun Arguments We’re Sick of Hearing” by Amanda Marcotte opposes the members of the National Rifle Association and criticizes the statements “guns do not kill people,” it is “people kill people” made by the gun possession followers (Marcotte). One will try to reassure the author who welcomes gun restrictions. The gun possession adherers do not try “to apportion blame and declare” regarding someone’s murderous intentions (Marcotte). They precisely assert that gun control legislation can hardly improve the situations with bloodsheds. Vermont and Utah exemplify that it is possible to be the safest states without applying gun bans and restrictions, whereas New York and Washington demonstrate the lack of public safety and security despite the imposed gun control restrictions. The statement “the sheer amount of damage a gun can do is a reason to limit who can get their hands on one” is contradictory, whereas it indicates that guns can be deleterious to the society, but primarily if they are used by wrong men. It is a fact that guns invariably remain harmless before they come into somebody’s hands. They become dangerous tools upon getting into the hands of a criminal or a mentally unstable person (Cook and Ludwig). No restrictions will be favorable in the society advocating violence and cruelty on TV, the Internet or any other media resources, ignoring psychologically-based impairments. No severe gun restrictive legislation can stop the development of mental disorders that can involve gun violence if they are ignored. The reasons of gun violence lie within the society; particularly, in mental inadequacy, behavioral malfunctions, and social inequalities. Any gun is just a tool and any individual can transform it into the weapon (Cook and Ludwig). Nowadays, the government authorities have to upgrade gun-related consciousness and culture, improve mental health care programs and protect all groups of the American society. Additionally, everybody who possesses guns should not forget about the precautions and security measures.

In conclusion, the provided points illustrate the irrelevance of the imposed gun limitations. Any individual can turn into a life-jeopardizing subject at an incorrect comprehension of the weapon’s purpose that allows its inappropriate use. The careful and responsible use of them can, however, prevent a crime from happening instead of spreading it as it popularly believed.

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