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Issues in Contemporary Criminal Justice

The police department has encountered complaints from civilians concerning the misconduct of the officers. Therefore, the malpractices include molesting citizens, hindrances and causing chaos unnecessarily. However, some practical approaches have been introduced to help in probing troublesome policemen. Thus, early warning systems have been introduced to manage the situation. The paper aims at describing these techniques and the effectiveness of the afore-mentioned structures. The methods of collecting this information involve peer review, further training, complaints from civilians and examination of behavior indicators of police officers.


The early warning or detection system has brought changes in lowering the degree of misconduct amongst the law enforcement officials. Hence, this practice has reduced the amount of civil objections tremendously. The police department has incorporated the notification received to provide enough counseling and additional training to their agents. The tactic is consistent with the problems, which agents and the civilians face. Therefore, it can be used to introduce amendments to police officers’ behaviors. The study proves that the implementation of this system has played a vital role in identifying potential problematic law enforcers mainly through guidance.

The police administration has employed the traditional ways to deal with defiant police force. Thus, these actions have yielded positive results, and the officials have shown good response to these methods through a change in their unaccepted conduct, which they were initially engaged in. Through the use of complaints from civilians and reported malpractices of these officers, the technique has been reactive. Similarly, both external and internal accountabilities became a laid strategy to prevent future incidences of police delinquency. The internal accountability strategies such as appropriate screening techniques in employment, short listing and provision of relevant training, are carefully reviewed to ensure that law enforcement agents are well behaved. External accountability has equally been considered, for instance, going through the citizens’ complaints and the formation of the Civilian Review Board.

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Hence, the police department provides some of the evidence of a proactive structure by means of the early warning systems and the use of accountability methods.

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