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The Societal Implications of Abolishing Juvenile Court

Nowadays, the juvenile crime is one of the crucial problems of each society. The first juvenile court was established in Chicago near one hundred years ago. The reason that has led to the appearance of the juvenile courts is that children are considerably different from adults and thus are more dutiful to rehabilitation (Young & […]

The Juvenile Justice System

Criminal justice refers to all the activities carried out by the justice authority in a bid to address, punish or prevent the commission of a crime. There is a wide variety of issues covered under the criminal justice. For example, criminal justice outlines the different ways in which crimes are committed through breaking one or […]

The Ethics of Gun Ownership in the United States

Gun ownership in the United States has been a debate that has been going on for more than two centuries. Currently, the United States is well-known for its gun culture, where citizens are allowed to own weapon and, in some instances, carry it with them. This is done for defence. The argument that guns are […]

The Death Penalty

Sociopath and the Death Sentence Antisocial personality disorder is defined as a pervasive disregard and violation of the right of other people. This behavior begins in childhood, continues in early adolescence and matures in adulthood. Many people diagnosed to have this type of behavior possess the characteristics of shallow emotions, distorted sense of self and […]

Criminal Justice: Suicide among the U.S. soldiers

Suicide is regarded to be an issue of public concern in the contemporary American society. Rapid growth of its rates has led to the necessity of new research approaches and prevention initiatives implementation due to the age patterns, gender, marital status, race, religion, and even military belonging. A classic instance of suicide as a discourse […]