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The Significance of Using the APA Style in Criminal Justice/Security

The initials ‘APA’ stand for American Psychological Association. This writing style possesses prove to be crucial in production of reliable and standardized documents. Most renowned institutions apply the use of this format in their writings, since it provides formal documents. APA formatting largely excludes the use of direct quotes in Criminal Justice/Security Management writings. Therefore, […]

Research and Policy Development in Criminal Justice

Research has proven to be effective in many disciplines like medicine or criminal justice. Numerous research efforts have been made to solve problems that have existed since the beginning of times. According to the US Office of Justice (n.d.), research is necessary and essential in the development of sensible criminal justice policies in addition to […]

Real Estate Law: Making Home Affordable

The website that is under analysis is called Making Home Affordable (MHA). This is an interesting and useful program under Obama Administration’s supervision that gives the opportunities to prevent foreclosures and make mortgages easier for those who need that. Moreover, this program helps to bring the market of houses to stability, thus, improving the high […]

Rape and Homicide

Criminal homicide refers to murder and non-negligent manslaughter. It is the willful killing of one human being by another. Any death that is caused by injuries received in a fight, quarrel, argument, or an assault is classified as criminal homicide (Andrew, 2009). The victims of homicide range from family members of the perpetrator to friends […]

Racial Disparities in Criminal Justice System

Marc Mauer, one of the American prominent leading specialists of criminal justice system, provides a detailed review on addressing racial disparities in incarceration as well as suggesting best practices for reducing the former ones. He focuses mainly on the aspect of disparity within the juvenile justice system. The disparity is well pronounced at the early […]