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The Significance of Using the APA Style in Criminal Justice/Security

The initials ‘APA’ stand for American Psychological Association. This writing style possesses prove to be crucial in production of reliable and standardized documents. Most renowned institutions apply the use of this format in their writings, since it provides formal documents.

APA formatting largely excludes the use of direct quotes in Criminal Justice/Security Management writings. Therefore, this provides a clearer and more critically written document. This format immensely avoids plagiarism thus, the document produced remains original.

This format provides that writings appear in active, rather than passive voice. However, due to the subsequent evolution of this style over the years, such rules tend to remain optional. Moreover, in current APA formats, the passive voice is not commonly applied. This ensures the documents in Criminal Justice/Security Management.

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The APA style provides a prose in writings. A remarkable flow in writings proves to be fundamental in accessing relevant and useful information from such documents, when stored for referencing. In addition, the necessary flow of information appears when this format of writing is used (Schwartz, 2011).

All writings carried out using the APA style appear more formal and appealing to the reader. This occurs due to the systematic way in which the work appears. Moreover, the use of certain slang terms such as ‘couldn’t’ gets immensely avoided. Thus, this makes the writings more presentable and formal to use in the Criminal Justice/Security management.

In this type of writing, neutrality proves to be a key factor. This department requires more neutrally written documents that tend not to show elements of specifying or taking sides. Words that tend to portray the writer’s side or opinion lack in such format of writing. For instance, the writings possess no specific element of gender.

A large minimization of certain extreme words occurs, while using APA format in Criminal Justice/Security Management writings. In particular, words that bring a sense of negativity in individuals or places get expressed in a mild way to avoid prejudice. For example, instead of using words like “killer” or “rapist”, one may use “the defendant”. Such mildness tends to ease depths and tension brought by such words. In addition, writers may not lack the certainty of the supposed crime (Perrin, 2011).

In the event of wanting to seek more information from other references, relevant citations occur within the writings. Hence, any reader of such a document possesses the ability to carry out relevant further research on the same work. Furthermore, citations allow the author to recognize the sources they used to write their work. Documents or writings provided in this format tend to be easy to read. This happens due to the clarity and purity of the information. This format also lays down tough restrictions concerning cheating or plagiarism. Hence, the documents remain original. This factor of originality in the writings proves fundamental for all the writings in Criminal Justice/Security Management. The management always requires true and original information for its investigations and proofs.

The writing style offers room for comparison, especially when the citations come from different authors. The format provides a more standardized document that provides vivid information.

The kind of referencing provided in the APA style makes the documents more credible and readable. All the references made in the writing are allocated at the bottom of the pages. Therefore, the readers possess the ability to access the references at their own will. All scholarly articles used in the writing appear throughout the document. Detailed information that comes along with the references allows any reader to access the articles faster. Information, such as the author’s name, title of the article, year of publication and the publishers are included.

All the graphical information, statistics and charts appear in an easy-to-comprehend manner. This helps to provide any technical information in a rather simple manner. Thus, the document appears to be more understandable. The strictness accompanied with writing in the APA format makes a document simple and easy to understand. Any reader of a document written in this format encounters an easier time in comprehending the details and theories presented in the writings. In addition, the writings in APA format appear to be more organized in nature. All the intended information gets conveyed in a formal, simplified and acceptable way.

All the characteristics described in this essay provide crucial steps required for writing documents for Criminal/Justice Management. In this department, clarity of the information provided in any document is fundamental. The written information may be used as reference in other cases for purposes of proof. In case such a document contains elements of uncertainty or cheating, this may lead to prejudice. Thus, the level of clarity in the documents occurs as a key factor. Therefore, when the APA style is used in these writings, the required clarity and originality appears vividly. In addition, the document portrays a high level of integrity and reliability in the management (Dantzker, 2011).

In conclusion, this style of writing proves to be reliable in any kind of formal writing. The documents occur to be more original and logical. Emphasis on the clarity and integrity of information occurs in this type of writing. Furthermore, the even nature of the format leads to the production of formally written work. All the relevant referencing materials appear in this format. This allows the readers to make references and comparisons easily. This format also allows the use of a stated number of words in writing. This strictness in length of the writings helps to avoid cases of diverting from the scope of research. Thus, this element further helps in increasing the documents’ formality.

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