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Nursing as a Profession

There are a lot of different professions in the world. Many of them are 100% learned and they require no prior knowledge and effort from one’s side. Although, there are professions that are not even professions, they are more of a calling, and a person cannot be successful in working in this field without blind dedication and selflessness in the professional approach. The people I am talking about are professional nurses. These people put their patients’ lives and health above their own. In addition, being a nurse is a hard work not only physically but also mentally, as it includes being on the move any time of day and maintaining sharp reaction and gentle approach to the patients. Any bonus can buy you this attitude. These people are unique, dedicated and self-motivated in helping others.

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Nursing is definitely a profession according to the employment law and that is why it is called “registered nurse”. On paper, or for some individuals nursing is just a profession, however, in reality it is more than just a job. People who become nurses do not work for some sort of monetary or physical benefits, nurses simply love to do what they do. They spend more time by the patient’s side than anyone else; they do this because of devotion and dedication. Nurses are the only hospital staff that has this uncanny but sacred and intimate relationship with the patient.

Nursing professionalism often shows features of altruism – a degree of special attainment and self-sacrifice in the actions of the nurses. In order to stress enough the professionalism of nurses they should clearly understand opportunities, concerns, and responsibilities that are vital to the successful practice of their profession. Appropriate and neat outfit is demanded from nurses in every single moment of their shift. They must have quick and wise reaction to the ongoing events and be able to keep cold mind during stressful and emergency situations in order to aid the patient with the most rational and clear awareness. Nursing staff cares for not only physical but also psychological wellbeing of the patients, as in order for the temple of the soul to become healthy it is important for the soul to be healthy.

With the aim of promoting professionalism in nursing, there are couple of things which can be done. There are a lot of people who want to advance their profession by contributing in some way to the leadership, activities, and the viability of their professional organizations. Nurses can also advance the profession by serving in leadership or mentorship roles or on committees within their places of employment. Self-employed nurses can advance their profession by serving as role models for professional integrity. Nurses can also advance the profession through participation in civic activities related to health care or through local, state, national or international initiatives.

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I believe I am a professional in what I do. I am still young and I am still learning the difference between textbook and reality, and I am doing my best. I have joined nurses mentor program, as I am willing to learn not only from my mistakes. The stakes are high here and each failure may cost lives. My aim is to learn from the mistakes of others. I will learn to provide the highest level of service with minimum errors and harm to the patient.

This profession is quite complicated for an ordinary person. Doctors and nurses have a strict dress code that has to be followed at all times. Teamwork is highly valued and important in nursing, as nurses have to work in concord with each other and other medical personnel.

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