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Youth Pastor Salary

In the article “A Global Youth Pastor Salary Survey: Sociological and Ecclesiological Perspectives”, from Journal of Youth Ministry, the author Kageler Len addresses the issue youth pastor salaries in two respects. The extent the local culture, church, and denomination perceive the financial support to the youth pastor. The second respect is people’s expectations to see […]

Three World Religions

The world today is under the pressure of three most powerful and numerous religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The heart of these religions is in Medina, Jerusalem, and Mecca accordingly. Situated close to each other, shrines were often the cause of the interreligious conflict. Usually, the ground for it was the not accepting others […]

The New Testament in the Life of the Christian

The Bible is an exceptional and inexhaustible book in which all is said about God and about a man. Through the New Testament, God opens and gives humans the knowledge of His Mystery. The man recognizes himself in the Gospels from different sides, from both the brightest and the dark corners of his soul; thus, […]

The legacy of Crusades

The Bible frequently faces the challenge that consists in the failure to interpret it in an adequate way. Misunderstanding can generate serious problems such as a false representation of customs and distortion of some facts. One of the evident examples refers to the crusades that are a series of religious confrontations in Europe against the […]

The History of Christianity

Among the oldest religions, in the world is Christianity. The religion dates back to the coming of Jesus Christ in the first century. The religion has grown, and different sections of Christianity have emerged based on differences in faith. With the growth of religion, the question of leadership sets in the picture. For Christianity to […]