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Latin America and the Catholic Church

We are told of Latin America as a region where American people have lived from time immemorial. At the same time, a group of dedicated revolutionaries, who were also called the Sandinistas, came to power in 1979. Their main aim was to transform Nicaraguan society. Adherents of conservatism in Latin America and the Catholic Church supported each other. The existing conservative order was criticized by many Catholic priests and therefore they stood alongside Marxist revolutionaries. Nevertheless, they were actually united as one by their various denominations. The Catholics in Europe did wonderful work by protesting that all they were doing is what Christ would do in defending the interests of the poor.

Reformist Catholics in Nicaragua expected that the Pope could do several things during their time. The Catholic Church expected from the Pope to receive moral legitimacy to their strivings to fight the evil Leninism of the Sandinista government in that country. They all believed that the Pope had all the powers to give authority that will unite all the people together. Nicaragua fell under threat of corruption by godless Marxism. The position that Pope made eventually can be seen when he pointed to the significance of Church unanimity as the best way to prevent the country from the menace and the violation of state supported emancipation theology. The Pope told people that unity was the only thing that was to bring all the churches together. The Pope’s arrival along with the disinclination of the Archbishop to denounce the contras, gave the contras wonderful moral legitimacy. People enjoyed what they were not expecting to happen.

However, some Nicaraguan Catholics were discouraged with the Pope’s philosophy. The hierarchy was frightened and started to resist the initiative because of the involved Cuban teachers who could infect the country with Marxist influence. Some of them were not comfortable by the work that Pope was doing. Fear evolved towards Pope’s visit, but at last, we see that, the Pope’s arrival had an important impact on the Nicaraguan Civil War. It made many to be more delighted. On the contrary, the strained relations between the Sandinistas and those Nicaraguan Catholics who gave support to the Sandinistas were negatively affected. Willing to give their organization moral legitimacy the “Contras” used the Pope’s controversial visit as a form of propaganda.

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