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Adversity on Cannabis


The polemic about the legalization of cannabis affects the whole world. A lot of public figures, politicians, and representatives of culture advocate for the cannabis legalization.
Despite the long existence of the term “legalization of cannabis”, it is not still clearly understood by its meaning. Jonas Hartelius states that the legalization of cannabis is a change of drug laws in order to permit the trade of cannabis as a commodity and the legal use of cannabis as an intoxicating agent. To legalize cannabis means not only to provide the possibility of its unpunished use but also to organize, regulate the trading of marijuana.

The first attempts to legalize cannabis were held due to the emergence of new social and political movements as a result of the Vietnam War. The best example was the NORML organization, which appeared in order to change the laws on cannabis. By 1979, 11 states in the U.S. have changed their drug laws and lifted the ban on cannabis.

The Pros

One of the main arguments of the supporters of the legalization of cannabis is the fact that alcohol, which causes much more harm to the society and health, are sold in unlimited quantities throughout the world.
According to Dr. Melamada from the University of Colorado, the marijuana smoking causes much less harm to the human body than smoking tobacco. In spite of the chemical similarity of the two substances, tobacco is much more carcinogenic than marijuana.
A lot of world medicals and experts support the legalization of marijuana in order to use it for the medical purposes. Therefore, almost all of them note that this will require a more extensive and comprehensive research.

The estimated proceeds from the cannabis sale to the budget is distinguished as the another reason for the desirability of the marijuana legalizing. The supporters of the cannabis legalizing single out as an example the situation in California, where marijuana is decriminalized and where the income of its annual turnover is estimated at $ 14 billion.
The budget of the United States receives an annual $ 1.7 billion from the sale of medical cannabis. The income from the illegal sales of cannabis across the U.S., according to the 2006, is estimated at $ 35 billion. According to John Gettman, in such cases the Government should regulate the market of the cannabis trading.

The Cons

The increase in the number of drug addicts
From 1984 to 1992 in the Netherlands, where the so-called “light” drugs are decriminalized, marijuana use among students has increased by 250 %, while the number of the registered drug addicts has increased by 30 %. In Alaska, where marijuana was legalized in the early 1980s, the staff quickly moved into the first place in the U.S. by the number of the registered drug addicts, moreover the number of crimes as increased by 45 %. In Sweden in 1965, the loyal authorities’ policy on the psychostimulant issuing has led to the fact that in one year the number of drug addicts has doubled.

The transition to “hard” drugs

Dave Murray from the U.S. Office of Drug Control notes that people, who smoke marijuana from their youth, begin to use heroin and cocaine thereafter. In the report of the Beckley Foundation, which offers to legalize marijuana under the state control, is also said that the cannabis can act as the initiating drug and could cause the increase of the risk of the transition to the so-called “hard” drugs.

The health hazard

To date, the scientists and medicals have not reached a consensus as to the harm or benefit of cannabis to the human body. A variety of experiments and research on this subject are carried out annually, but often new researches disprove the results of the previous ones.

The psyche harm

A lot of scientists note the fact that it is scientifically proven the cannabis impact on the development of schizophrenia. This is confirmed by the plurality of the world researchers. In 2002, the results of several research studies claim that marijuana use leads to severe depression and schizophrenia, even among those people who have not been exposed to the mental disorders.


At present, many countries pursue the policy of the prohibitionism with regard to cannabis and other drugs, i.e. the prohibitive policy, which, in my opinion, seems as the correct position in the modern condition of the world policy and environment. However, despite the active promotion of a healthy lifestyle and avoiding drugs in the world today, there are about 200 million people who regularly use drugs. In such conditions, the impossibility of solving the problem by applying to the conventional methods has led to the fact that in the world a lot of individuals and organizations have appeared to provide the active support of a radical revision of the drug addiction methods.

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