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Debate on Gun Control

The gun control is established to regulate the use, possession, and manufacture of guns in the United States. However, the debate concerning the national security on the topic of utilization and possession of guns in the US has been ongoing for a long time. In particular, the violence that is experienced in the country through civilian and other mass killing is linked to the gun policy in the country. The possession of guns should be limited, and the gun control measures strengthened to boost security as well as avoid unnecessary deaths and crimes.

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Possession of guns should be controlled no matter the situation. People should not assume guns to be harmless, as, in fact, the opposite is their direct purpose. The more people own guns, the more occasions of shooting in places such as churches, schools, and hospitals are being reported. Therefore, one needs to understand that not everyone is qualified to carry and handle weaponry. When unstable and irresponsible people are allowed to own guns, there is a high chance of them causing harm either willingly or unwillingly to the surrounding people. Current gun owners, in most cases, lack the ability to take the weapon seriously and are always ready to fight when angered, hence they seek to use their guns to resolve the conflicts. In the recent years, the United States witnessed some tragic incidents, as in the Sandy Hook primary where almost twenty kids and six adults were shot as a result of gun use. Such cases of shooting in public places could have been avoided through strict gun control.

On the contrary, some people campaign for the abolishment of gun control as they believe that weapons help protect one from harm, which is their right stated in the second amendment in the constitution of the US. Therefore, allowing people to own guns realizes their right to self-protection.Moreover, a restriction on guns possession or usage will deprive them of their innate right and be against the Constitution. In other words, controlling gun ownership puts the safety of innocent citizens at risk since they believe a criminal will still find their way to find guns making others weaponless and vulnerable. Therefore, while those for gun control believe that gun ownership should be a limited right, those against gun control claim that having a gun is about self-defense and its limitation cannot be justified as it would put lives in danger.

Nonetheless, gun control laws and regulations do not deny that having a gun is necessary for citizens to protect themselves from harm. In detail, they acknowledge that the possession of guns poses a challenge to innocent people. It has been established that, in some cases, people owning guns no longer use them for the sole purpose of self-defense, but the majority is now using weapons to cause harm. In such a way, the pretense of defense becomes a viable excuse for causing harm, killing, and destruction of social justice. As a result, the idea of self-defense is vanishing, therefore, restricting and controlling gun ownership will help reduce the death of innocent lives in the country.

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All in all gun control should be emphasized and thoroughly implemented to help regulate the possession of weaponry among people. Many cases of losing lives simply because someone with a gun lost control out of anger and used their ammunition have become rampant today. Thus, until people become responsible with their belongings, there is a need to control possession of guns by strengthening the gun policy in order to protect citizens from gun violence.

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