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The Infrastructure Resiliency and Its Relation to the Homeland Security

The resilient infrastructure is a question of vital importance in a contemporary world. It embraces different spheres such as social life, transport, civil engineering, economic, information, military, market, innovation, etc. They are closely intertwined and ensure the efficient functioning of Homeland Security. In other words, the collapse of one element may lead to the failure of the whole system. Moreover, the destruction of one component can cause irreversible damage and even provoke human casualties. It may also affect the other sectors such as economy, public safety, health, etc.


People appraise the significance of resiliency when some event takes a tragic turn. For instance, the 9/11 terroristic attacks showed the necessity of well-coordinated work of infrastructure when thousands of lives were lost. Hundreds of fire-fighting vehicles and ambulances arrived at the scene of action to remove the threat of conflagration, find the survived people, and help the injured ones (Miller, 2012, p.121). The fighters of the USAF and National Guard patrolled the airspace above the metropolises. The Emergency Alert System was brought into a higher state of readiness. Both the new plans on the supporting of government activity during the emergency and the evacuation were carried out. The Homeland Security Act and USA Patriot Act were adopted to reveal and prevent the subsequent terroristic attacks and other crimes (Sloan, 2005, p.53). It is inconceivable how many victims could be there if it were not for the resilient infrastructure. The attack could take an unexpected turn and have a bad influence on the whole nation and its safety.

It is also worth mentioning that the question of infrastructure resiliency touches upon the state sovereignty itself. It means that long-term deterioration of all the types of infrastructure provokes the increase in crime rate anf disturbances. Such processes may result in remonstrance and even coup d’etat because people do not feel safe (Berke, 2006, p.197).


In conclusion, the issue of resilient infrastructure is considered to be highly significant for Homeland Security. It is an integral part of the latter’s successful functioning. The failure of one of the elements of certain infrastructure can cause the chaos and deterioration of the whole system. In its turn, it affects the lives of people and their living standards, state security, etc.

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