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The Iraqi Manifesto: Blood for Oil

Raising Red Flags: Political Instability in Iraq

It is worth taking a step back in time and acknowledging the fact that the presence of strong and powerful terrorist groups such as ISIS in Iraq is not a problem related to Iraq’s safeness; it is, in fact, a political issue that is causing security problems in the nation. Even though Iraq is one of the largest economies in the Middle East, it is facing many issues due to the political situation and the corrupt government running the country. The overall picture of influence of this situation on the country varies from sanitation issues to child labor and an increased rate of unemployment. Besides Iraq’s war against ISIS, the Iraqi government is currently trying to solve many other impending problems like corruption that threatens the nation’s overall economic and security outlook. Thus, political instability is a contemporary global issue in Iraq because of the war with ISIS, corruption within the government, and economic instabilities.

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Proof of Problem Existence

To begin with, according to UNICEF Iraq is one of the most unsafe countries for children (Khoder, 2016). This helps explain the magnitude of the existing problems through emphasizing on the issues they bestow on the younger generations that are weak and vulnerable. It, undoubtedly, affirms the existence of a huge challenge which needs immediate addressing. Additionally, it makes the world understand the real situation through the eyes of people involved in the constant wars and unrests that have been occurring in the country for a long time (Stapel & Marx, 2012). It has reached a point where the United Nations is considering labeling the country as a failed state. Such a move would greatly hurt the nation and the people who live there since it would create room for military regimes which aim to rule the people.

Need for Immediate Action

The problem faced by the country needs immediate solving to make Iraq able to restore peace as well as sustain the people through improving access to basic needs. Moreover, the economy will also be stimulated through the process of corruption eradication, especially in spheres where keen focus is enhanced on creation of more jobs and empowering the population. The reason for cases of unemployment that worsens the situation in the country is increased insecurity (Neumann, 2015). Jobless individuals resort to radicalization and join militia groups and terror networks such as the ISIS. Many experts confirm this fact, including former vice minister of oil in Iraq, Fadhil al Jaff, who was questioned during the research conduction on a base of his personal experience. He claimed that “terrorists are trying to lure ordinary citizens of Iraq to their organizations by destabilizing the overall political end economic situation in the country” (personal communication, November 29, 2016). Such groups cause unimaginable loss of resources and deaths of those perceived as their opposers. As a result, the majority of the people lose their lives due to the government’s inability to protect them. The situation becomes even worse due to the fact that among those affected there are children and women who are the most vulnerable part of the society. Furthermore, western countries have also caused a big amount of destruction made by the aerial strikes in form of drones which initially target the terror group members but also can damage the nation’s infrastructure and hurt the innocent. The drone strikes are blamed for close to five hundred deaths of innocent civilians each year (Neumann, 2015).

Lack of access to basic resources such as water has hardened the living standards for the people of Iraq. The country is widely affected by sanitation issues, hence leading to the development of various illnesses which later escalate to epidemics. The hospitals, on their part, are not equipped well enough and it is extremely difficult to enhance the treatment (Filkins, 2015). Consequently, life in Iraq is akin to a living hell for the citizens. It, therefore, creates the need to take an immediate action to ensure that security and sanity of the country are restored and that the citizens are able to access important basic resources such as water and food. These factors, hence, convince one to understand that the problem needs solving.

Solutions and Recommendations

The Iraqi government has to decide to take measures that will enable people to receive empowerment and that the economy is stimulated. Firstly, it is important to understand and effectively deal with the issues involving corruption activities (Slewa, 2013). In order to handle the issue government should use an approach of a total system overhaul or an electoral vote to remove the existing regime. Important values such as integrity and honesty are necessary to manage a stature of a country of Iraq. Therefore, it becomes important to instill these values on the authorities to give Iraq a possibility to redeem itself.

The Iraqi government, moreover, needs to prioritize particular factors relating to the empowerment of the living standards of country’s citizens. In this regard, the initiation of economic stimulus programs which will create employment opportunities for the majority of the citizens is extremely important. As a result, people will become occupied and prevented from joining radical groups and terror networks which jeopardize the destruction of Iraq’s security. Moreover,, the approach will increase the economy of the country by having more people employed in legal sectors. The programs will also ensure that there is provision of vital amenities such as water, food, and medicine (Rahimi et al., 2012). These factors allow the citizens to gain access to important resources which enables them to work properly.

To continue, there should also be measures that will improve security of the country. Security is an important factor in protecting the citizens and also in assuring investors of stability of the state’s systems. The existing government needs to partner with likeminded nations and forge a united front against terrorism. This move makes it easy to fight a common enemy, hence potentially reducing the threat of ISIS (Neumann, 2015). Additionally, it is imperative for the government to refrain from activities based on dishonesty and corruption. The vices scare investors and lower the chances of possible partnerships with developed nations which may potentially help Iraq grow economically.

The solution to the aforementioned problems is argued to be the best since it uses an approach that has a high regard to the human lives. The recommended actions majorly use peace agreements and constitutional processes in order to prevent further raptures of wars and unrests. The solutions take into consideration the existing resources as well as the future of the Iraqi nation. It aims at proper enhancing of the moves that will protect the further generations. Moreover, it puts the citizens’ wishes at first place and sets a goal to empower them through improving their living standards. The fact that the methods are both short and long-term provides the possibility to protect the interests of the country and its citizens for years to come.

When compared to other radical moves such as waging direct wars with the organized terror groups or fronting uprisings, the method is seen to be hugely viable. Stern actions and moves have the potential to backfire on the government and lead to unimaginable losses (Rahimi, 2015). Additionally, it could possibly lead to a doom of the country as it may be recognized as a failed state. Therefore, it calls for swift but careful solutions which consider the greater picture.

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However, one may claim that the situation in Iraq is more or less moderate and does not demand immediate action. The validity of the is supported by comparison of Iraq to other countries such as Syria during the periods of the Arab Uprisings. These periods were considered to be the worst times of the Arab nations due to the huge numbers of lives that were lost. Therefore, this example can provide arguments that can to refute the claims of immediate action to be taken. The position explained in this context bases on the words of observers from Syria who claimed that immediate actions can lead to far worse situations in which the country will hardly manage to survive. The popular warning is that there is a possibility of turning the country into a failed state or encouraging dictatorial regime of government in case of direct diplomatic measures and it does not matter how careful they are (Filkins, 2015). Additionally, the argument is that the western nations should refrain from drone strikes and let Iraq deal with the problem of terrorism on its own. There is a suggestion that refusing from external intervention will make the issue easier to be handled from within. However, aforementioned suggestions have no solid evidence and are based on assumptions.


Therefore, it is evident that there exists a problem in the country of Iraq and that there is a necessity for taking a swift action. A lot of lives are being lost because of terror attacks and epidemics which emerge due to failure of the government in the provision of security. Thus, it is imperative to promote a new regime that will help salvage the country. The regime should strive to instill virtues of integrity and honesty to the leaders to enable effective problems solution. The claims by the refutation can also be considered when creating policies for the country. It helps have a better view of the existing situation and, consequently, provide a better strategy to eradicate the terrorism issue.

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