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A problem is a barrier, an obstacle or a challenging situation that must be dealt with in order to attain a certain goal (Basics of Problem Definition). A solution, on the other hand, is the resolution taken in order to overcome a problem. A problem in most cases hinders the attainment of a desired outcome. There are many examples of problems that are encountered in the daily life processes. Some of these problems are mathematical problems, social problems in the society, a puzzle in chase, synoptic problems in theology, and challenges to an assumption in academics. Many ways are employed when dealing with these problems. Some of these ways may be general or specific to a certain problem.

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For one to be able to forge ahead with a certain endeavor the problems that arise must be solved. There is a systematic way that is employed in order to come up with the most amicable solution to a certain problem. This technique is called problem-solving technique. It begins with identification and definition of the problem (Problem solving series). This involves getting information about the problem (Seven Steps to Problem Solving). Look at a case like malaria, the disease being the killer number one in the tropics. This problem now requires brainstorming in order to gather the evidence that will be used in getting the solutions to the problem.

The next critical step will be to come up with a problem statement that will describe the status of the problem. For example, identify the number of people that are killed by malaria and which regions are mostly affected. This is then followed by stating the goal. The goal gives focus towards eliminating the problem (Seven Steps to Problem Solving).

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In-depth analysis of the problem comes in where the current situation is looked at; the problem’s seriousness is also looked into. Once this is done, solutions to the problem have to be identified. This involves coming up with many ideas, then the best one will be chosen (Problem solving series).
The final step involves implementation of the best method chosen in tackling the problem. This marks the end of the problem once the desired goal is attained.

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