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Three Major Reasons of Migration

The process of international migration is a movement of people from one country or continent to another. In some cases, it happens with large groups and over long distances. The process of human migration is widely spread around the world. People mostly migrate abroad in order to find better life with high standards. There are three main reasons why people migrate: economical reason, political reason, and opportunity of high quality education.


It is obvious that the main factor that forces people to migrate is unstable economy in their own country. They immigrate to other countries with higher wages and better prosperities. The absence of work in the native country and necessity to support relatives forces people to find better job opportunity abroad. The lack of specialists of a profession in a region increases the salary of this profession, and thus stimulates the inflow of migrants. The unequal conditions of living and unstable political situation in the country are the other reasons of migration. Political migration could be caused by the war and political conflicts. The evidence of this is a large migration of Asians to America and Canada (Batalova). “A large number of people are attempting to leave the devastation of their own country caused by the current form of globalization and other political and economic policies” (Shah). The third main reason of migration is an opportunity to get high education. Students from different nations go to American and European universities to study. After finishing their educational process, they very often continue to live in this country.

All these three reasons have related to each other with one common idea. People strive to have better income and living conditions. They also have some differences. Economical reasons force people to earn money. Political reasons force people to escape from the political repressions. Young generation goes abroad to study, and they more often want to return back to their own country than other immigrants.

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