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Whiteness: The Power of Privilege

Whiteness: The Power of Privilege In a nation where there are several racial and cultural groups, such as the United States, it is impossible to remain unaffected by racial issues. One thing that is evident in the US is that there are some racial groups, particularly the white people, who are more privileged compared to […]

Violence against Women

Violence against females refers to offensive and violent actions that can be deemed as a hate crime against them. According to Gerstenfeld (2013), this type of violent behavior targets a special gender group as the initial motive for committing violence. Violent acts are committed against females due to the patriarchal gender structures. As the history […]

Underage Drinking

The engagement of young people under the age of 21 into drinking has become a major backlog in the development of a number of nations. Alcohol is the most commonly abused and used drug by the youth in the world. This rate is more alarming than that of tobacco and other illicit drugs (Eaton, 123) […]

How Does the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights Define the Scope and Structure of Government in the American Society

The United States Constitution was conceived and written in 1787 by its chief architect, James Madison, during the Philadelphia Convention. During the process of establishing the Constitution in the Convention, members proposed two alternative plans on how they should go about writing it. The Nationalists (the Federalists) proposed the Virginia Plan in which government representation […]

The Sociological Imagination

Introduction In understanding the differences in educational attainment across races and ethnic groups, it is important to understand the natural/popular understanding of race and ethnic groups. Race is a social construction, interpreted in a distinct manner whose results are taken as obvious or natural. This creates a framework which extends to all aspects and activities […]