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Sexual Harassment

Such phenomenon as sexual harassment has appeared due to the American feminists and those who supported them, lawyers and the insurers who pursued their own interests. In this essay the existing problem of sexual harassment will be discussed on the basis of given case and steps of resolving this conflict will be provided.

Assuming I am a security department manager, once female employee came to me asking for help and accusing her CEO of sexual harassment. She told me that after one week from the time she started to work, the company owner, a head of the family business, asked her about the meeting. Despite her refusal he continued to insist. All this made her nervous because he could fire her.
Concerning her complaint’s, I explained her that harassment is a type of sexual discrimination in the workplace. In fact, sexual harassment definition is not an easy task. In 1964 the American congress adopted the Bill about the civil rights which banned sex discrimination and in 1983 a new variant of this meaning appeared. It defined sexual harassment as a hostile environment on a workplace such as hints, jokes, even drawings of the sexual contents; the photo can be considered as an infringement of the rights of a woman. In this case it is not easy to establish the existence of sexual harassment as it is difficult to carry out the distinctions between what actions caused damage and what aren’t present. Nevertheless, there are certain cases, easy for distinguishing, such as “qui about quo harassment”. It means you do something for me; I do something for you, for example, promising promotion on work in exchange for sexual favor, otherwise, fighting with disgrace. Thus, during a history time different meanings added to the initial one and caused more complicated life for those who are responsible for making just sentence.

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I informed her that it is reasonable to start from such organization as Affirmative Action Officer which investigates such allegations of sexual harassment in confidential manner. I have a reason to believe her because due to all said above the actions taken by her head created a hostile environment on a workplace according to Title 7 of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Loevy 1997). It told her to talk to a friend who works the same place in order to have witness in the future if it is necessary. Thus, the most effective action is not to keep it in secret. Company is responsible for harassment that took place within its walls and the court may require paying not only for moral damages but also for legal fees for lawyer and temporary unemployment. If dealing with complaints on the job fails and it continues, contact the Commission and even if it does not bring anything into action, one can do it in private turn. The law claims that “the discipline should fit the severity of the conduct and be calculated to immediately put a stop to the offensive conduct” (Davies and Hertig 2007).

To crown it on, there are two types of harassment: the first one is so-called “quid pro quo” which means employment promises career success in exchange for sexual relationship and the second is called a hostile work environment in which a certain conduct makes an offensive work environment. In order to solve sexual harassment it is advisable to refer to Affirmative Action Officer, which helps victims to defend themselves.

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