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Sociological Perspective in Relation to Music


Social perspective refers to clearly defined ways of approaching social phenomena. It involves accepting facts from evidence and testing the ideas while maintaining objectivity (Andersen & Taylor, 2006). Music is a scientific art that combines instrument sounds and vocal sounds to produce the beauty of feelings. Sociological perspectives relate to music, selling, and distribution in various ways. This paper is exploring the perspectives of culture, socialization, class, race, politics, and religion as well as their relation to music.


Music is related to culture of a place or individual as it forms a component of social life. Culture is a way of expressing common feelings, values, and memories. Consequently, music plays a major role in joining groups and individuals together (Tom, 2011). The cultural preferences of the group listening to the music will determine the type of instruments required. In addition, the type and education required to play these particular instruments will be dictated by the culture.

Socialization of people at various levels has affected the spread and music preferences over the ages. For example, the English-speaking countries colonized by the British listen to the English music more than the music of other countries. Music education promoted by this type of socialization favors the spread of culture and preferences. As an activity, it helps people to express themselves freely to other persons. In this way, it promotes socialization among people. Every day, people flock in clubs to listen and dance to their favourite music. This promotes socialization. The socialization also leads to the development of music. In America, jazz and hip-hop music is said to originate from interactions between the White and the Black people (Persaud, 2011).

Music also relates to different classes of people. Some type of music is popular among the youth while others are popular among the older. It can also be observed that gospel music is popular with the class of saved individuals in the society. In addition to this, the type of instrument used will much be dictated by the rules of the church or the gospel music types. In the recent years, this relation has evolved and led to the emergence of group of singers who do not follow any type of guidelines in relation to class (VanWeelden1, 2005).

Music can be associated with race. This is very common especially when speaking about the music origin. For example, reggae music is associated with the black race and Rastafarians. Although reggae music has spread to all corners of the world, it remains greatly pegged to the black race (Persaud, 2011). It also dictates the type of instruments to be used. For instance, a guitar and drums are the main instruments used in reggae music. However, due to creativity, reggae music has incorporated other instruments including keyboards and trumpets.

Politics plays a major role in the development of music. Politics is seen to influence the type of music in a region. Politicians in government can dictate the type of music education to be offered in academic institutions. They can also promote some music genres more than the others. In political campaigns, the members of movements and political associations chant songs to their leaders to show support. Therefore, politics and music remain inseparable since they influence each other.

Religion plays a key role in the type of music practised by the followers of a particular religion. Religions are governed by their own doctrines and practices (Davis and Blair, 2011). Taking into account that there are many world religions across the globe, different types of music are important and advocated for by each of these religions. Therefore, religions are viewed to determine the type, education, and instruments to be used in music by the people who believe in it (Davis and Blair, 2011).



Various social perspectives relate differently to music. In some way, each of these perspectives affects the spread and the development of music.

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