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Some Aspects of Nonverbal Communication

Nonverbal communication is one of the channels, which help to modify and support arguments, express feelings and ideas. Nonverbal signs facilitate delivery of a message from a teacher to students and inversely. Moreover, they express personality, culture, and mood of a speaker. They allow to get to know a person well. The lack of nonverbal information often leads to difficulties in understanding and full information perception. On the other hand, it encourages us to learn better how our emotions, feelings, and ideas can be expressed verbally. The lack of the nonverbal information can be partly fulfilled with the use of the additional sources like emotions or imagination.

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Physical environment is another form of nonverbal communication. When visiting somebody’s home we pay attention to décor, furniture, other things around the house, which, on one side, tell us about their owner and on the other side cause different emotions and feelings. However, it is impossible to make some firm conclusions about an owner only after having a look at his/her dwelling. Everything may be different when you come back another day. At the same time, we can judge about person’s hobbies, way of life, habits, some qualities of character etc. The features of the surrounding environment always make an influence on people. At one place, we may feel psychologically warm, which encourages us to relax and communicate freely. Other places make us feel uncomfortable and motivate to formal conversation only or even do not inspire to communicate at all. An impact of the environment depends on many things: people you are communicating with, level of place’s privacy, previous familiarity with the environment, time of a day etc.

Influencing others, nonverbal communication creates credibility and promotes affiliation. People are usually tended to trust those whom they like. Therefore, our look, acts, gestures, and mimics influence a lot on credibility of other people. For example, my friend was much tensed during his first job interview. He spoke unclearly and even forgot to dress properly. Certainly, he failed, despite his good professional skills. His following attempt was successful as he did not forget about the eye contact, correct tone, and official clothes. All these nonverbal signs, personal skills, and experience made an influence on the employer. It appears that nonverbal information often has much deeper influence than we may foresee. A correct nonverbal behavior may persuade other people and aid in satisfying our needs.

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