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Cooperation with Our Writing Center Is Easier Than It May Seem!

1. I cannot submit the order form. It keeps loading and does not update.

You need to double-check if no big files are attached. Our system has size restrictions, which may not allow you to submit the order form. You need to submit the order form without the files and send them to your writer with the help of our support managers.

2. I have chosen the wrong urgency (assignment type, number of pages writing level). Can I update my order?

Once the order form is completed, you won’t be to edit it. However, you can contact our support managers and ask them to do it for you. Pay attention that the price for your order will be recalculated based on new instructions.

3. Can I add more pages to my order?

Sure, you can do it by placing an additional order in our system through your personal account. If you have any difficulties with placing an additional order, feel free to contact our support managers and they will assist you.

4. How can I know that the writer is working on my order?

You can see it in your personal account. Just find the necessary order and check the Writer line. If you see a personal ID number, it means that the appropriate specialist is already assigned.

5. Can I order a draft?

Yes, if you are willing to check on the progress of your order, you are free to order a draft and it will be delivered to you within 50% of the overall deadline. Please note that this option is a paid one.

6. How can I request a revision?

You can ask for a revision within a free-revision period, which depends on the length of your paper (from 48 hours to 30 days). To send a revision request, you will need to go to My Orders – Completed orders. Then, you will need to find the necessary order and send a detailed Revision Request to the written. If you have no opportunity to login, just contact our support managers with your revision request.

7. How can I change my phone number (e-mail, password)?

You are free to update the personal information in your profile by using the Edit tab. Then, you will need to save changes to get your profile updated.

8. How long does it take to assign a writer?

We are doing our best to assign a writer as soon as possible. This process may take from a few minutes to several hours. However, if your assignment is too complicated, it may take more time.

9. I need a revision but a free-revision deadline is over. What should I do?

In this case, you will need to place an additional order of Revision type.

10. How can I talk to my writer?

In case of having any questions, suggestions, or comments, you can message your writing expert directly in the system. If the issue is urgent, you can use our Live Chat and talk to our support managers.

11. Where can I find my paper?

Once the deadline expires, you can log in to your account and download your paper from the Files section. Also, a link for downloading your paper will be sent to your e-mail. Use this link and you will be able to get your paper in one click.

12. Can you do my online test?

Yes, an online test is one of many services offered by our experts. Pay attention that you will need to provide us with all the important materials that may help your writer take your test successfully. Besides, it is highly recommended to provide us with the log in details, as well as the accurate date of test submission.

13. Can you assist me with my coding task?

Our company provides its customers with writing assistance only. A programming assignment, a coding assignment, or an application development assignment cannot be processed by us.

14. Will I receive any notifications from your team?

Yes, an automatic e-mail will be sent to you in case any action or event takes place in your account. Besides, you will also receive SMS notifications, system messages, and phone calls from our team.

15. How can I know that my order is assigned?

You can track your order progress in your personal profile. If your order has the status “Order verification,” it means that your payment did not go through yet. If it has the status “New,” it means that your order was paid and verified in the system. When you see the status “Processing,” it means that the writer is working on your order. Finally, when the order status is changed to “Completed/Sent,” it means that your paper is ready.

16. When will I get my paper?

You can be certain that your paper will be delivered to you within the deadline allocated. Keep in mind that we start the countdown when the order is verified. When selecting the urgency, pay attention that your paper will be available for you only after the deadline expiration (if you select a 1-day deadline, you will receive your paper in 24 hours).

17. Where can I find my paper?

After the deadline expires, you will find a completed paper in your personal profile. To download it, you will need to find the Completed Orders section and check the Files tab.

18. I have some problems with paying for my order. What can I do?

Our company does not work with payments directly. If you have some payment issues, you will need to use another debit/credit card or try to pay for your order using another device or browser. If you have any other questions, don`t hesitate to get in touch with our support managers 24/7.

19. Can you send the order earlier if the writer finishes it before the deadline?

We deliver all papers in accordance with the deadlines set by customers. The urgency you choose when placing an order affects the price you will need to pay. Thus, if you want to receive your paper earlier, you will need to pay the price difference. We cannot ask writers to deliver papers earlier to customers without appropriate compensations. In case of having any questions regarding the amount of compensation you need to pay, you are free to contact our support representatives and they will address your inquiries in the shortest time possible.

20. Can you send a paper via e-mail once it is completed?

When the deadline is over, your paper will become available to you in your personal account. What is more, we will provide you with a link that will enable you to download a paper with only one click of your mouse.

21. Should I pay for a preferred writer if I choose the supreme quality of writing?

If you choose a supreme level of quality, it means that your order will be assigned to one of our 30 TOP experts specializing in your research field. In addition, you will receive a detailed plagiarism report with the editor’s notes on plagiarism score. Nevertheless, if you want us to assign a specific writer to your order, you will need to indicate his or her personal ID when placing an order and pay for this option. The managers from our financial department will notify your preferred expert about your willingness to cooperate.


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