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When placing an order with our custom writing service students are sure to receive a brand new paper written from scratch. Our experienced writers who have accomplished hundreds of literature reviews on different topics have the necessary skills required to search for the most relevant and up to date information needed for a specific theme. Our literature review services are available for students who work on their Masters and PhD dissertations as well as for students who need to complete a literature review as a separate task.

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Each paper we write for our customers follows precise instructions provided along with each order. We do not have prewritten papers and never sell previously completed tasks. Our highly qualified writers understand the specifics of a written paper, and they are always ready to finish it on time. Being ready to place an order, one should just send us a message, “Write my literature review”, and follow the guideline.

Obtaining Literature Review Writing Help

When writing such type of paper, one should understand that the process is not easy and requires much time. One should search for the literature related to the topic, select the most relevant sources, read and attentively analyze them, and only after it get down to writing. This process may be too complicated for students who get down to writing such a task for the first time. Also, the procedure of literature review writing for dissertations may differ from similar tasks required in high and middle schools. Thus, ordering a literature review online, students protect themselves from low quality papers as we guarantee top quality results for those who use our custom literature review services.

Seeking professional literature review help, students save time on searching for the sources, skimming them, and selecting those which fit the research topic precisely. Moreover, customers do not have to spend hours reading the articles to summarize them. Placing an order with us, a customer is sure to receive a detailed literature review, which contains the most relevant information gathered from the sources which perfectly relate to the required topic.

A good literature review consists of two basic parts. The first part is the text itself, which not only summarizes the information from the sources, but also provides a critical assessment of the information. The second part is a reference list. The sources cited throughout the literature review must be properly arranged in the reference list at the end of the paper. Our writers are sure to organize the sources according to the required citation style.

What Is a Literature Review?

A literature review is a critical summary of the sources arranged in an essay form on a specific topic. A quality written literature review summarizes the information from the article with a particular reference to the theories used, methods applied, and gaps indicated in the research. Any type of a this assignment is available for ordering on the site. There are several types of literature review projects commonly used in educational establishments:

It is the most common type of assignment. It summarizes the information from the source and arranges it due to the major themes. The main goals of this type are to draw conclusions about a selected topic and indicate the gaps in the field of knowledge. A narrative literature review requires a focused research question.

It seeks the sources within a particular time frame and arranges the information due to some specific categories. The findings in the systematic literature review are properly structured and compared and contrasted to see the common features. There are two systematic literature reviews: a meta-analysis and a meta-synthesis.

A meta-analysis presupposes the analysis of the findings from several studies on the same subject. Standardized statistical procedures are used in this case for data analysis. Writers working on a meta-analysis usually detect patterns and relationships to draw the conclusions. A deductive research approach is a characteristic feature of a meta-analysis.

A meta-synthesis refers to non-statistical data analysis strategies. Such reviews integrate, evaluate, and interpret findings of qualitative research studies. An inductive research approach is a characteristic feature of a meta-synthesis.

It seeks specific sources eager to either support or refute an argument depending on the main goal of the task. The sources for the current type of review are selected to support the selected argument. At the same time, the major limitation of this type of review is a bias related to the search for the literature; the researcher rejects the sources, which do not support an argument.

It aims to generate new frameworks and perspectives on the topic. The selected sources are reviewed to criticize and synthesize the obtained data.

It is aimed at summarizing the sources related to the particular theories to deepen those and develop new hypotheses. The researcher indicates what theories already exist as a part of a study and analyses the relationships between them.

The type of the literature review is usually indicated in the introduction to the literature review chapter with a particular justification of the choice. The criteria which help to define a type of review are a research area, a research problem, and a research method.

How to Start Writing a Literature Review

A literature review allows demonstrating the researcher’s familiarity with the selected topic, developing a theoretical framework and methodology for the research, identifying a particular position among researchers and theorists, and indicating a gap in the literature. When writing a literature review chapter, one should keep the following steps in their mind and adhere to them:

A literature review dissertation part requires not only summarizing the information but also synthesizing and critically evaluating it to understand the level of knowledge in the field of interest.

How to Buy a Literature Review?

It is a serious and excessive task, which may require much time and effort. Those who are not ready to spend time on information search and analysis may buy literature review papers with us and a problem will be resolved. When students pay for literature review projects, they receive qualified support 24/7, top quality writing services, and a plagiarism free paper written particularly for them. The process of buying a review paper is not difficult because our agents are ready to assist at any stage and offer quality assistance in case of any issues. Moreover, the communication with the writers simplifies the work.

  • Can I expect confidentiality?

    Confidentiality is guaranteed. We keep the private data of our customers safe and secure, which promotes our reputation.

  • Will I get a unique paper?

    Yes, each paper we send to our customers is created specifically for their needs. We have strong plagiarism software, which we use for each paper to ensure zero plagiarism.

  • What are the qualities of your literature reviews?

    Writing assignments our writers critically assess the sources and present the data in manner ensuring that each idea is properly cited. We value our positive image; that is why our completed papers are always of top quality and precisely follow the instructions initially provided. Our literature reviews synthesize the information properly, which points to the high level of topic understandability.

  • What format of a literature review will I receive?

    If our customers do not provide any specific structure, a review paper has the following standard format, the title page, the introduction, the analysis of the literature with several paragraphs and even subheadings depending on the paper length, the conclusion, and a list of the references.


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