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As a university student, you probably realize the importance of writing a thesis for your future. This project is a quintessence of your study because it requires applying all the knowledge and skills obtained through many years. Writing a thesis starts with writing a thesis proposal that should outline the topic of your thesis, your objectives, key methods, as well as potential findings. Basically, a thesis proposal is a brief overview of a lengthy thesis that should familiarize the reader with the results of your research. So, let us have a closer look at a PhD thesis proposal. Besides, we will provide you with the way to submit a brilliant piece without spending much time and effort.

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How to Write a Thesis Proposal?

To write a thesis proposal, you should know what parts it should include:

A title page. You need to make your title short but informative. Besides, a title page should include the student’s name, the educator’s name, as well as the title of the educational institution;

Abstract. An abstract is always written right after the title page. Basically, it is a brief summary of the proposal that includes all the significant points discussed in it. The average length of the abstract is 150-200 words and depends on the overall length of the thesis proposal;

Table of contents. This table should include all headings and subheadings presented in your paper along with page numbers in order to make your text easy-to-navigate for your reader;

Introduction. The introductory part of your thesis proposal should contextualize your topic, present your hypothesis, and emphasize the importance of your work. To engage your reader, you should present your study from a broad perspective gradually narrowing it down to a clear thesis statement. A thesis statement is the main focus of your study that should familiarize your readers with the problem you intend to solve;

Literature review. This part of your thesis proposal should be dedicated to examining the existing literature. The sources you use in your work should be relevant to the topic of your study. All of them should be up-to-date, credible and peer-reviewed;

Methodology. A methodology section of your doctoral thesis proposal is very important because it informs your reader what methods you are going to use to collect and analyze data;

Findings. This section should include the preliminary and expected outcomes of your study. Actually, this part is very important because it helps understand whether you managed to reach your goals;

Work plan. Having a work plan including all the activities you are going to undertake, you will be able to organize your working process properly. Pay attention that the deadlines set for completing various parts of your thesis proposal projects should be reasonable.

Research implications. This section of your grant proposal requires indicating the significance of your research. Ideally, you need to inform your readers who can benefit from your work and in what way.

References. Pay attention that all the references you used in your work should appear in your reference list. Otherwise, you will be accused of plagiarism and get a negative grade for your thesis proposal.


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In case you find it difficult to understand how to write thesis proposal or you just have no time for that, you can order a thesis proposal at our writing platform. We provide all our clients with a number of benefits making their life easier. Have a look at the key advantages of cooperation with our thesis proposal writing service:

What Is a Thesis Proposal?

Basically, a proposal is an outline of the thesis paper that highlights the key points written in the thesis. Carrying out a great thesis proposal allows you to move on the right track with your thesis. If the dissertation board members approve your proposal, they will probably approve your thesis. As you can see, it is very important not to underestimate the importance of a thesis proposal.

The most challenging thing about writing master thesis proposal is choosing the right topic. If you think that choosing a good topic is easy, you are clearly wrong. The topic of your thesis proposal should be also appropriate for a thesis. As such, it should be broad enough to discuss it from different perspectives. Sometimes, to pick up a good topic, one should conduct preliminary research, write a list of alternative options, and then select the one that fits your research interests best of all.

In order to organize your work properly, you need to write a thesis proposal outline that will systematize all your ideas and statements you are going to address in your paper.

If you have no idea how such a project should look like, you can order sample thesis proposal and learn a couple of tips and strategies for successful thesis proposal writing. However, you should understand that submitting this paper as your own, you will get nothing but a failure. A proposal can bring you the anticipated outcome only if it is absolutely unique and authentic. If you are stuck on creating your thesis proposal research, you can always take advantage of cooperation with our legit thesis proposal writing service.

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Writing proposal for PhD thesis has never been easy. The writer has to consider a lot of important points and aspects in order to create a winning piece that would convince the committee members that the project is worth attention. If you want to get your thesis proposal accepted but you have no idea how to do it right, do not hesitate to ask us for thesis proposal writing help. Having many years of experience in academic writing, we know how to create premium quality thesis proposals. In our PhD thesis proposal writing team, we have many qualified and competent thesis proposal writers, who can tackle the assignments of the highest levels of complexity. You can either order a thesis proposal separately or along with the thesis. Either way, you will be absolutely impressed by our thesis help, as well as the way how your needs will be treated.

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