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When we describe our superb custom essay writing service to customers, and when we tell them there are outstanding writers at SuperEssay, and that the price of our service is quite cheap, most of them don’t believe us at first. How, after all can we prove it? Clearly, we want you to buy papers from us because your custom means more revenue for us. But, how can you be sure we aren’t exaggerating the effectiveness of our college paper writingservice to get you to order essays from our company? So, to help you overcome your hesitancy and to assuage your cynicism about whether we truly do provide what we promise, we have taken this testimonial from Michael in Dallas, Texas, USA. It was only recently that Michael asked us to, ‘write a paper for me!’ and he wants to tell others about his experience with SuperEssay.

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Michael says: “Just a few months ago, I began studying at a college in Dallas, and I have used essay writing companies before. When I was at high school, there were times when I needed a little help because I didn’t have much time to spare. I am a keen runner; I played football and I was part of a local band, so my evenings were pretty full up. So, as you can imagine, I didn’t have much time for coursework. Once, when I had to write term paper assignments, I chose a company who were offering writing services. In truth, they delivered on their promise insofar as they wrote a paper for me. But, I didn’t feel it was as good as it could have been. I requested a few revisions and it was there it became unpleasant. The company didn’t really respond to me and refused me a refund. So, I didn’t return to them. It was a long while before I got the confidence to ask another company to write essay paper assignments for me.

“I found SuperEssay.org in my first year at college. I was studying math, science, ancient literature and had other classes during the same term so I had a huge workload. I really needed someone I could ask to write my paper for my literature class and, later, someone to write my paper on a difficult research topic. The others I could manage by myself. I was still very involved with football and running and I had started music lessons as well so I hadn’t time for all my assignments. I was honest with SuperEssay.org about my previous experience of using an online service provider. I wanted to avoid being stung again with another inferior custom paper with no comeback or money back for my dissatisfaction. I was assured by SuperEssay.org not to worry. They said they valued their customers too much to provide unsatisfactory service and not have them return.

“I spoke to SuperEssay’s customer service team, which is available 24×7, for quite a while, asking about the price, payment methods and so on. Then, when I had to write research paper and other assignments, I decided to trust them. They dealt efficiently with all my queries and seemed trustworthy. I was even allowed to choose a writer to write my paper and I selected a guy who had previously worked as a lecturer in my field of study. I was given his contact details and I discussed my requirements with him. He immediately understood what I wanted and took plenty time to talk to me to gather as much information about my paper as he could. We discussed the paper over a few days whilst he proceeded with writing it. Then the hour of truth arrived. Had he written my paper the way I wanted and was it good enough? I was delighted. The research paper was beyond reproach. I had never experienced such high-quality writing before, nor believed such a great online service existed. I will definitely be placing more orders with SuperEssay”


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