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What Is a Critique?

Before writing a critique, it is essential to delve deeper into the meaning of critique writing. Basically, it refers to a piece of literary or scientific writing where one objectively analyzes a specific issue or problem. As a rule, it should be clear from the critique whether the writer supports or opposes the main topic or ideas of the writing. Here it is essential to mention that all for or against arguments provided by the writer should be adequately supported with expert opinion or credible evidence.

At times, people deviate from the fundamental purpose of critique writing and they merely start to sum up the major points of the provided article. Such piece of writing cannot be called a true critique but rather a detailed summary or article overview. The core aspect in article critique is the critical analysis and evaluation of points. A successful critique should pinpoint that the writer not only has understood the content of the article but that he/ she can also evaluate it properly and demonstrate his/ her general impression.


When you need to write an article critique, keep in mind that you need to have sufficient time for reading the article, identifying its main points, analyzing them, and then synthesizing them in text. Alongside with that, you need to support each argument with strong back-up evidence.

How to Write an Article Critique: Collecting Evidence

1) Find out whether the author’s general idea is plausible
Make sure you double-check whether the author’s arguments are valid and worth consideration. Compare the hypothesis the author puts forward with the other similar ones. While you are doing it, try to identify whether the author’s central message is applicable to practice in real-life situations. Pay special attention to the introductory and conclusive paragraphs in order to find out whether they provide convincing and topic-related information.

2) Read the article closely and carefully and search for biases
If you have noticed that the author has the aim to profit from the presented points, findings, and conclusions, then there is a probability that some opinions are biased. One of the most vivid evidences of bias in the text is overlooked counterarguments and inappropriate evidence (that does not directly relate to the central theme). This tactics is widespread among authors who want to present their findings in the way they want but not in the way they really are. As a rule, one of the underlying reasons for bias is a narrow viewpoint, whereby an author is totally unwilling to accept other options.

3) Pay consideration to stylistics
Undoubtedly, the content of the article is the most important aspect that you need to consider while writing a critique. Nonetheless, it is important not to ignore stylistics of writing. Pay attention to vocabulary choice, the overall tone of writing, and the author’s style. Such techniques are frequently decisive in how well the author can present the argument and evidence, as well as convince readers in his/ her standpoint.


How to Format Your Article Critique

1) Begin with an introduction that effectively outlines your central argument
Make sure the introductory paragraph is brief and does not exceed two paragraphs. Here, do not delve into general information: provide the information clearly and concisely and present the whole article’s framework. Start to trace and indicate the areas where the article given for critique succeeds or fails in terms of specific criteria.
Make sure that the introductory paragraph includes information about the author as well as the article’s title, main focus, date of publication, and other essential data.

2) When writing the article critique body, make sure to provide evidence to support your argument
Each body paragraph of your article critique should be devoted to the examination and support of ideas about the article. Make sure you adhere to the basic standards of paragraph organization, i.e. start a paragraph with a strong and clear topic sentence and develop each paragraph in correspondence to the main idea of the paragraph. Ensure proper logical transitions between paragraphs.

3) Mold your critique by summarizing your argument and providing implications
Go back to the main points of the article and provide a thought-out critique. Pinpoint to the relevance of your article review in the study realm or in the topic. Such conclusions will help your readers better understand that the critique is significant for a larger area of study.


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