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Reaction Paper Writing

Reaction paper writing predetermines that a personal viewpoint will be shared on a specific topic or issue. The difficulty for many students that lies behind this essay type is that the paper should be well-balanced in terms of topic analysis and sharing personal opinion. This is actually how it differs from a regular opinion essay. Besides, when writing your paper, you need to explain the topic clearly to your audience to make it comprehensible to them. When drawing a conclusion on the essay, it is important to re-emphasize on the main viewpoints. On the whole, if you feel now that this task is too complicated and challenging to you, do not hesitate to contact our expert custom writers to help.

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What Is a Reaction Paper?

A reaction paper helps one carefully consider and analyze what perspective or standpoint one has on the given topic. Specifically, a reaction paper is based on something that you have read, watched, observed, experienced, etc. As a rule, reaction papers are assigned to write on the basis of books, movies, videos, and others. When a student is required to provide a response, the instructions can be similar to these questions:

How to Write a Reaction Paper?

In general, a reaction essay has a standard structure like the other essay types. The introduction serves as an attention-grabbing paragraph that catches attention of your readers. Therefore, it is advisable to start it with some “hook” – a statement, a rhetorical question, a fact, etc., which can draw attention and maintain readers’ interest till the end of the paper. More so, in the introductory paragraph, you need to provide some background information on the topic and make sure you provide enough context. Without a doubt, a thesis statement with a clear and strong argument should be placed in the introduction as well.

The steps for reaction paper writing process may sound as follows:

Guidelines for structuring your reaction paper:

Part 1: Write the introduction and summary
Whereas in the introduction you provide general information about the paper (what you will cover on the whole), in the summary paragraph you need to provide a concise overview of the work you are reacting to. If it is a book, you should mention the author’s name, the publisher, date of publication, and any other important details. When delving deeper into the context of the analyzed work, you may sometimes add some direct quotes and provide essential details.

Part 2. Your feelings, thoughts, and opinions
In the next part, you need to express your viewpoint on what is happening in the book/ movie and cover the key points. Since this is an analytical type of work, it is essential to appeal to the expert opinion and use reliable sources. When you are providing your reactions, these could be anything: some references to your experience, examples that are related to real-life situations, etc. When you are analyzing and evaluating the question at hand, it is crucial that you organize your ideas in a proper way so that it is easy to navigate through the paper. When you are concluding what you have written, be sure to restate your thesis and re-emphasize the core points. All in all, adhere to the citation style you have been assigned.

Writing a Reaction Paper Outline

An outline is a kind of a concise plan that consists of the main ideas and arguments on your topic and that will definitely help you throughout the writing process. Having an outline, you will be less likely to encounter the writer’s block. When composing your outline, try paying attention to the following questions:

In the majority of cases, students like to write reaction papers based on books, movies, stories, videos, etc. First of all, they can enjoy the process of reading or watching something. Then what they have to do is to shape their opinions and reactions into words. However, when you are writing a paper on the book, keep in mind that if the book is large, you may have to reread it, so be sure that it will take you much time to prepare for the assignment. While reading or watching something, it is recommended to take notes so that you keep track of the most important parts. For example, it is advisable to jot down details about the central plot and different storylines, write down information about the main topics, the interaction among characters, and any other issues you have noticed.

Afterwards, you need to add your personal opinions and feelings on the topic or the main idea of the book or movie. To make your opinions more vivid, you have to refer to your personal experiences. A reaction essay is the best way to demonstrate what you feel and think about a certain topic or issue. Therefore, you need to kind of have a dialogue with the author’s opinions or message they convey. To make your thoughts strong and supported, be sure to add some illustrative facts and examples from the assigned movie or book. In some cases, you will need to rely on some expert opinion and provide up-to-date evidence. Actually, the evidence should be provided especially for those parts that are related to your thesis statement.

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Since the structure of reaction paper writing is more or less clear in general, it may have some peculiarities depending on the type of your reaction essay. Check out some of the following reaction paper types:

Regardless of the reaction essay type, you need to know that, to ensure effective and successful writing, you have to manage your time wisely. The preparation process is overall time-consuming as you have to need ample time for reading or watching, gathering data, and only then think about writing. Patience, consistency, and diligence are crucial for the writing process.

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Reaction Paper Structure

A reaction essay should comprise of the following parts:

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Students are assigned reaction essays regardless of their academic level. Starting from high school and college, they may start receiving such assignments. Of course, the complexity level and the requirements differ a lot when comparing a college reaction essay and a PhD-level paper. Besides, on higher levels, students are evaluated in terms of their skills and abilities to provide analytical and critical writing assignments.

In general, a reaction essay is a complex academic writing assignment, and it may be challenging and problematic to cope with it, especially if a student does not have adequate experience and skills. Therefore, in such cases, it is advisable to get expert help from qualified custom writers. SuperEssay.org is one of such reliable companies that can provide you with trustworthy help. The company has won a great reputation among students from all over the globe. When you rely on us, you can be sure in the top quality of writing that meets paper instructions.

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Reaction essays are complex due to the peculiarities of their structure as well as challenging and time-consuming pre-writing process. The very writing process resembles a blend of essay writing, article critique writing, and even case study writing. When working on a reaction essay, a student is required to inform, analyze, evaluate, and also relate to own experience. Thus, the process can be rather hectic. With SuperEssay.org, you are able to get a premium-quality paper at a reasonable price, so do not hesitate to seek assistance from us.


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