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Easy Steps to Writing a Thesis Paper

All thesis writings should comprise a strong thesis, which is their basis. Any piece of writing without a key claim aimed at controlling the direction and content will leave the future readers (and your professor) confused, unconvinced, or biased. Your thesis statement should capture the readers’ attention; provide clear info about the aim and objectives, as well as the content of the future work, and to establish your point of view concerning the subject as the researcher.

Arrive at a Certain Viewpoint

– Confirm that your point of view fits the task.
– Implement brainstorming.
– Conduct thorough research.
– Determine what issues you are interested in.


Make a Clear Claim

– Indicate the research topic and provide a clear judgment of it.
– Try to provide the readers with a blueprint of your work.
– Offer some piece of evidence.
– Review your claim so as to accommodate your evidence that does not seem to suit.
– Revise your work.

Avoid Weak and Obscure Thesis Statements

– Start from broad to narrow.
– Avoid generalizing.


Thesis Structure: Essentials

Title Page
It should comprise the author’s first and last name, institution, course and code, the date of delivery, supervisor(s) and advisor(s), their institutions as well as emails
Then, the following thesis parts should, by all means, be included into your scientific research.

An abstract is to explain the importance of your research. The major research results should be provided. The final sentences are to explicate the major implications and recommendations of your research.

Table of Contents
All headings as well as sub-headings with page numbers should be provided.

List of Figures
All the figures with page number presented in the research should be indicated. The list should comprise the title for every figure.

List of Tables
All the tables with page number presented in the research should be indicated.
The list should comprise the title for every table.

It is recommended to compose your introduction after you have completed the whole research, as some changes could be made during the writing process. Consider that you should present a fascinating hook at the very beginning of your introduction. It should be the statement of something interesting so as to motivate your future readers to read your research, it is an essential, interesting or burning scientific issue that your research will either solve or address. The next paragraphs in your introduction ought to cite previous studies done in this field.

Citations in the following section ought to be limited to the sources of date and references of where it is possible to find more detailed descriptions of specific procedures, experiments, etc.

The result section is to include actual statements of the observations, comprising statistics, tables, graphs, pie-charts. Provide both negative and positive results.

Note: Discussion Section vs. Results
Separate your interpretations from your observations in a clear manner.

Commence with a few sentences summarizing the most significant results of your research. The discussion section ought to be brief and precise.

Refer back to the thesis statement, and present the conclusions that you have reached from carrying out this research, summarize novel observations, novel interpretations, and novel insights and outcomes that have resulted from your research.
Provide the broader implications of your research results.
Avoid repeating word for word provides in the abstract, the introduction, or the discussion.

Provide new directions for future research on related or this topic. This section is optional.

Supervisor (s) and anyone who has helped you in your work:
technically (comprising materials, data, supplies, equipment, etc)
intellectually (support, assistance, pieces of advice, encouragement)
financially (for instance, travel grants departmental or institution support, donations, charity)


cite all concepts, ideas, statistics data that you have used in your work.
all the references should be cited in the text and listed in the references

Include all the data in the appendices.
Reference all the data, materials and statistics that are not got access to.
You can include key articles into your appendix.
If you have consulted a great number of various references but have not cited all of them in your work, you could want to complete the list of additional resource materials, etc.
You may also provide the list of the equipment utilized for your experiment or the strict details of the procedures conducted.


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