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Visiting a Courtroom

The federal courts in the US are open to the public, and they encourage the citizens to follow the public proceedings and trials. It is always beneficial to remember that whenever one is in the courtroom, the proceeding is of immense significance to the parties involved. Involved parties are the ones who are likely to […]

UAE Labor Laws

A limited term contract is valid for a defined period; therefore, it must include the termination date. However, if necessary, it can be prolonged for a further period in accordance to the terms of United Arab Emirates (UAE) labor laws. This means that prior to hiring an employee, the employer must present him or her […]

Toxicology in the Criminal Justice System

Forensic science has played a significant role in the field of the criminal justice system for centuries. With the urge and determination of emerging forensic science, some evidenced advancements have led to the development and existence of many relevant sciences, incorporating toxicology. In a broader perspective, toxicology refers to studying and understanding the adverse effects […]

Theory of Constraints in a Law Firm

In the today’s society, the problem of the lack of enough resources is faced by the management of any law firm. This puts the firm under pressure to ensure that they have products that solve their clients’ problems. The theory of constraints applies the effect and cause thinking. Its aim is to understand and at […]

The war on terror has contributed to the rising human rights abuses

In this essay I will try to prove that the war on terror has contributed to the increased human rights abuse in the U.S. and across the world. I will mainly focus on the U.K. and the U.S. and refer to 9/11 attacks on the U.S. since this event changed how the two nations dealt […]