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Alzheimer's Disease (AD) essay
Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is one of the most widespread types of dementia that occurs in aged people. Dementia refers to a brain disorder that seriously interferes with the ability of a person to execute his daily activities effectively. As populations age, Alzheimer’s disease becomes ...
Rheumatoid Arthritis essay
Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic inflammatory disease which affects about 0.5 to 2% of the population worldwide. It is the most common form of arthritis among adults and is a common cause of serious disability. The characteristic feature of RA is inflammation of synovial joints, usually ...
Fast Food Obesity essay
Obesity is one of the serious issues that are affecting Americans today. A significant number of Americans are victims of this disease; moreover, this disorder affects both the young and the old. In US alone, at least 36 percent of the total population suffers from thee obesity. Researchers claim ...
Foetal Growth and Development essay
Spermatogenesis and Oogenesis Spermatogenesis by definition is a process during which sperms are produced with half the number of chromosomes, which is haploid, as somatic cells. The process progresses first from diploid and then to haploid state, which then changes its shape to form spermatozoa. ...
Global Health essay
Summary This paper is my reflection essay on two stories about infectious epidemics that is Ebola disease in Africa and Scourge of the Black Death in Europe. Despite the fact that these two epidemics occurred in different periods of time, they both caused a lot of human suffering and deaths. This ...
GM Products Are Beneficial for Human Health essay
The article by Verma et al. (2011) entitled “A Review on Impacts of Genetically Modified Food on Human Health” contains a study conducted to determine both positive and negative impacts of GMOs on human health. The study was qualitative in nature, whereby the authors reviewed all the ...
Hepatitis A essay
Hepatitis A is an acute liver disease caused by the hepatitis A virus. It is considered to be the most favorable form of hepatitis as it cannot take a chronic course. The source of infection is a person with hepatitis A. He/she sheds the virus in feces, and then the virus - with water or food - ...
Sample Essay: HIV essay
HIV is the short form that denotes Human Immunodeficiency Virus. On the other hand, AIDS is the short form for Acquire Immune Deficiency Syndrome. HIV/AIDS is a disorder that weakens an individual’s immune system and subsequently makes the body vulnerable to many other disorders (Knoll, ...
Importance of Therapeutic Communities essay
Research evidence indicates that therapeutic communities should be the intervention of choice for drug dependent offenders. According to Bennett (2006), therapeutic community models are based on the premise that inmates with long histories of drug dependence need to restructure their attitudes and ...
Mental Health Disorders essay
Mental disorder is an anomaly or psychological trait portrayed in the behavior of an individual. The behavior of such a person is often abnormal from the usual culture, showing signs of distress and disability. Mental illnesses are defined by an array of factors, for instance, how a person acts, ...
Nursing as a Profession essay
There are a lot of different professions in the world. Many of them are 100% learned and they require no prior knowledge and effort from one’s side. Although, there are professions that are not even professions, they are more of a calling, and a person cannot be successful in working in this ...
Nursing Ethics essay
It is generally agreed today that nursing practice is often connected with ethic dilemmas. Working with patients as a nurse in a modern medical environment causes a lot of stress. The reason is mainly because nurse’s duties are often connected not only with caring and nursing but with making ...
Obesity essay
Obesity is a condition characterized by excess body fat. It is expressed with the help of BMI (the body mass index) figures, which have been shown to concur with the individual body fat component. However, there are results which discount the use of BMI as a direct interpretation of the body fat ...
Sample Essay: Organ Donation essay
Shortage of Organs for People in the Transplant List Organ donation means giving out an organ to another individual who is in need of it for the purposes of saving his/her own life. It is also called organ transplantation and is a widespread practice among many nations. The donation may be from a ...
Pathophysiology of Obesity in Children essay
Obesity is worth the discussion because it is arguably the rifest nutritional order amongst the young American generation. About 23 percent of American children, including adolescents, are overweight. An extra 17 percent are obese. Specific ethnic groups bear the brunt of this endemic. According to ...

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