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Analysis and Personal Narrative


The chemistry program at the university of Alabama tries to attract more students to join it. This is the reason why the program has constructed its web site. It is noted that with a help of it that the program will not only attract prospective graduate student, but also will market itself as one of the best programs. In this regard, the program made the following choices. To begin with, the program expounded that the graduate program in chemistry lead to MS and PhD degrees. Secondly, the program stipulates the number of faculty as well as the current number of students. Thirdly, the program chose to mention that it has modern equipment, necessary for adequate learning. In addition, it has also chosen to inform the prospecting students that the program involves extensive research and knowledge which will prepare the student for both industrial career and education. Moreover, the program includes the contacts of the head of the program.


There are many reasons why the program decided to make the abovementioned choices. Among the main of them is the fact that the program wanted to state the scope by mentioning that chemistry program lead to MS and PhD degrees. Secondly, choosing to mention the number of faculties, the program conveys the information that the program has been existing for a long period of time and the number of faculties can attest to that. The current number of students was also mentioned to create the impression that the program is lucrative to many student, joining graduate programs. Moreover, it is mentioned that the program involves extensive research and is strategically placed to mentally prepare one for the research and also to depict the notion that the program is competitive in the job market. It is also the matter of prudence to note that the idea to include the names of head of the program is significant in the sense that it depicts authenticity of the program.


The chemistry program at the university of Alabama conveys a number of ethos to the applicants. These ethos includes the belief on research and extensive knowledge. The program is focused on the students’ personalities, since it is designed to equip the applicants in a manner that he or she can get a job or create jobs. The University believes in hard work as depicted by extensive reading, coupled with research work. In addition, the inclusion of sporting activities shows that the university value sporting activities alongside learning. Therefore, the university is developing an applicant both mentally and physically. This is very important in todays competitive world. There is need for innovations in different fields and therefore learning is set up in a way that it encourages both physical and mental growth which are a great empetus to learning.

The chemistry program in the University of Alabama pride itself of being in a great University of Alabama, which is situated on a serene campus in Tuscaloosa. The University of Alabama fraternity provides an array of activities, such as sports, art, music, dance and theater. In addition, the program is well-equipped with modern gadgets which makes learning easy and enjoyable. Moreover, the program pride itself of having qualified lecturers who not only teach the students, but take them through practical research work. The student area is also able to make a lot of money by being offered an opportunity to be a research assistant of their lecturers. The mentioned benefits make the chemistry program at the University of Alabama a unique program, designed for the betterment of applicants. It is also noted that the program comprises of several research activities, both in the traditional areas of chemistry, which include analytical science, biochemical, inorganic, physical, and organic chemistry. Furthermore, the program is involved in several interdisciplinary research activities, including scientific research of the materials, information technology, green chemistry, fuel cells, hydrogen storage science, and Biomolecular products. All these make the program cut a notch above many chemistry programs across the globe. The setting of the University of Alabama is great and Tuscaloosa gives out artistic aesthetic value which not only impress the students, but also impact their knowledge.

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The chemistry program at the university of Alabama wants the student to be hardworking, focused and innovative. It also makes the student be good in science subject, so that they can respond well to the rigorous requirements of the program. The program call for the student to embrace an innovative mind set. This is because the program involves research studies which will require both analytical and critical analysis. In addition, determination and focus are keys for the student to do well in the program. This is because the focus and determination are critical that the motivational factors enable one to successfully accomplish the program.


This program attracts a science oriented students. It can be explained by the fatc that it involves chemistry research and academic studies. Secondly, the student should be focused and hard working so as to cope with the academic requirements of the program. The other type of student the program seems to attract is the one that concerns the individuals with the passion for chemical engineering. It is because the program involves several subjects needed by those specializing in chemical engineering. In conclusion, the chemistry program at the university of Alabama is a great possibility which brings a lot of value to an applicant. It is student-focused and the well-equiped, as well as it includes the great lectures. In this regard, the program is designed to cope and respond to the modern learning challenges.

Personal stement

I have great interest in persuing a graduate program in chemistry .For me, a career in chemical industry is the aspect which has been in my thoughts from early childhood. My schooling period has been full of challenges. They have always given me a great motivation to move forward. Early education in science and mathemetics has formed a solid foundation for my future academic and career prospects. I have come to realize that science is critical for the development of a country, and since my main aim is to contribute positively to the development of my country, the pesuit of undergraduate chemistry degree program is a must. I am convinced that I have everything what is requared and what it takes to pursue chemisty program. This is because I am good in sciences, especially in chemistry. I would like to affirm that my school experience has natured me to deal with any challenge. My hard work and resilient character traits are the pillars and motivation towards an application for the chemistry graduate program in the great university of Alabama.

As an applicant for the program of the chemistry program at the university of Alabama, I am much attracted to the program. This is because it is designed to respond to modern challenges. From my early age as a student, I have alsway had a passion for persueing a career in chemical industries. In this regard, in my primary education as well as at high school, I have always strived to perform well in sciences. This motivation has made me like science subjects so much. I would like to persue a graduate degree in chemistry and the chemistry program at the university of Alabama has attracted me in many ways. First, the program is well explained on the website in the coherent and informatory way. Secondly, the university setting is in a serene environment which is condusive for learning. In addition, I like the fact that the university has reaserch assisstentship and fellowship activietis, incorporated in the program. This is quite important for me. This is because it will not only help me improve my practical knowledge in this sphere, but it will also help me earn money.The program is established in a great university, which has great academic history. The university of Alabama itself is a great motivation for me. This is because it has a rich history of academic excellence, which makes the university be one of my first priority.

I have a great drive and pesrosnal goals which direct my acadmic journey. These personal goals include the desire to achieve academic degree in chemistry. Secondly, to get actively involved in innovations revelation, which will positively impact the life of many in the society. I am aware that I will face daunting challenges in this academic journey, but I am well-equipped and I will succeed. My guiding policy is to positively impact the live of people not only in my locality, but globally. Consequently, I have a dream to work hard and not only persue chemistry program in the great uninersity of Alabama, but also to contribute to the great history of the university.


I may take this opportunity to apply for the graduate program in Chemistry at the University of Alabama. I belive that this is the best university which will not only cater for my acdemic requirement, but it will also give me the best acadmenic growth and development. In addition, the university is well-equipped with both learning fcailites and qualified lecturers. Moreover, the program satify my need to persue a carreer in chemical sphere. Therefore, I remain hopping that my application will be considered.


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