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Contextual Analysis

The ecosystem and environmental pollution can be explained by use of visual art. The two photos in this analysis depict hauling of Styrofoam to recycling deport in Beijing and the dead bird in the image of garbage patch. These two photos are quite similar to some extent. The common symbol for both these photos is plastic. The bird’s carcass is full of different plastic garbage that possibly leads it to death. On the other picture the man is carrying enormous pages of plastic containers for recycling. These two photos represent two different environments. Mankind is continuously polluting the environment with various types of plastic. Thereafter the bird represents an environment where life is at a risk, where birds are dying while consuming large amounts of this very plastic. Nevertheless the other way of living still exists. It is represented by the photo, which proves that waste materials are recycled to be re-used in order to support life in one way or another.


The other pictures that represent the same problem are that one on the traffic jam and the one on pollution hanging out in Sichuan province. A traffic jam causes both air and noise pollution. Such heavy traffic as it is in China destroys the environment for sure. If things go the same way as in the photo of Sichuan it can cause vast deforestation spoiling the water catchment areas.
The first two photos discussed above represent issues of environment pollution. The bird’s carcass holds a lethal concentration of plastic in its stomach. This situation could be explained by the fact that these birds taken these plastics for food mistakenly. This shows that in course of time it is becoming more difficult to find forage in the Pacific Ocean because of vast pollution. The bird’s carcass also reflects an emblematic appallingly result of a global trend of consumerism and runway of industrial growth. The implication of the photo is that human beings have to protect nature as it can’t struggle by itself. For instance, this bird has no ability to discern plastic from something nourishing. Additionally, all this rubbish is toxic for the creatures as well as for the whole nature. The birds are choked to death. This shows that there is a crucial need of doing something with pollution.

The other picture of a man riding an overloaded bicycle of recycled material shows the efforts of China in recycling. Those trash collectors earn their living out of this garbage. The problem of plastic is a kind of double-edged sword. As in one part of the world this material is saving a life, at the same time it is causing harm in the other end of the world. As the population grows and industries expand, the number of waste products increases too. This photo’s aim is to create a picture of how the waste products can harm the environment. The scavengers earn a living from these recycled items, but the same wastes spoil the economy on the other hand.


Both these pictures represent the most problematic sphere of the world’s social and economic life. They create an emotional impact especially by the body of bird died because of plastic tossed out in the sea. The sense of this art is based on the destructive force of the plastic and an environmental problem caused by the marine pollution. The ocean ecosystem and the wildlife deeply depend on the clean waters of the world ocean. Nevertheless, there is business all over the world which is engaged in illegal dumping sites. Their aim is of keeping their trade clandestine. These huge amounts of collected garbage do not go to the legitimate refuse landfills, but to underground industrial chain. The very important idea of those photos is that instead of keeping the environment clean, the human are using the chance to make money.

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The pictures have represented the situation in the world in terms of pollution of the ocean and the wildlife ecosystem. The social and cultural background represented by the two pictures is that culture should be used for promotion of eco culture. A culture of caring for the ecosystem should be developed as the garbage collection is a social problem. Therefore, the power of social issues lies under cultural power. It is clear that it is highly necessary to reduce waste; and conscious people highlight this problem. Therefore it is important to note that changes in people’s minds could be cultivated by culture and art. The pollution that plagues the whole wild world could possibly end as soon as people develop an adequate attitude towards garbage reduction all over the world.


The problem has been presented. Everything what remains is to take the actions in order to end the problem. The birds have been dying when they consume forage of plastic containers that they mistake for food. The ocean has been polluted due to the growing number of industries in the world. On the other hand, the garbage collectors are doing the work that is extremely important and necessary; in addition it gives them money. It is then clear that they contribute in making the environment clean. Also, there are groups of people who directs where these waste products are to be dumped with an aim of keeping their trade going.
Below there are the two pictures used in the analysis.


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