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Creating a Safe Work Environment

Safety within a company is of great concern within any successful company. Most of the time, some managers in some companies do not regard the involvement of a human resource manager in issues related to safety. So, they make decisions involving safety without asking for the contribution of the human resource manager. It is the duty of a human resource manager to get concerned and give his views. The manager should know his duties as a human resource manager. This involves getting proper knowledge about safety and exploiting the knowledge in managing the company. It is proof of confidence in the human resource manager that will guarantee him the chance of making important decisions (Christine ad Roger 16).

Safety in the work environment is something that everyone has to strive to achieve. Every employee has a right to be safe in the work place. It is the duty of the human resource manager to ensure that employees are safe. The human resource manager is responsible for creating a workable plan to enhance workplace safety. The first step to create a safe work environment is to identify the risky hazards in the workplace and to take a step to remedy them. To ensure that all employees are safe and easily identified, human resource managers should have identification cards. The human resource department also ensures that it advices employees to maintain a clean working environment and to use personal protective equipment when required (Catherine 1).

Education is power. Therefore, the human resource management should strive towards offering safety training to the employees. This includes ensuring that wastes are well disposed to avoid any danger in the work environment. Safety education involves also ensuring all employees with knowledge of how to use equipments that are used in the company. For example in an industry, workers are supposed to be thought on how to use the machines within to avoid risks. Lack of proper knowledge on the use of the machines will lead to endangering workers. This happened to a group of workers in a tea estate in one of the nations in the world. Workers were given tea plucking machines without proper knowledge on how to use them. These workers were endangered and some of them lost their arms. Safety education also involves teaching workers how to use a fire distinguisher to put out the fire. However, this is not often the case. Employees should always put their safety first before they try to put out the fire. Thus, they should be thought of the safety measures necessary in case of the fire. Training programs should often be in place as they change with time (Catherine 2).

It requires more than just a physical safety to keep the company going. Human resource manager should ensure the rules in the company are adhered to so as to ensure a safe working environment for the nation. He should also make sure the employees know of the behavioral activities that can be tolerated by the company. For instance, a company should be a no smoking zone as this not only endangers the life of employees through causing fire, but it also affects the health of the workers. Thus, any employee who breaks the rule should be dealt with accordingly. The human resource manager should also be aware that the company does not condone violence. Violence can harm the people involved and should not be encouraged. Offensive language should also not be allowed within the work place. Employees should be given freedom of communication. That means they are free to report any concerns or problems in regard to the company. This will help in managing all departments as a manager will not be able to move around all departments within the workplace (Elizabeth and Bakken 1).

Stress is a disease that affects the person involved and other workers in the workplace. It comes about either due to domestic violence or harassment in the workplace. To avoid the effects of stress, the human resource manager should learn on ways of helping victims of domestic violence. The manager should also ensure that senior employees are not harassing junior ones. This is done by making the juniors aware of reporting any issues of harassment and dealing with the person involved according to the company regulation. Violence cannot result from outsiders from the company who include relatives of the employees and robbers. The manager should also make sure outsiders have no access to the company premises. This will prevent any trigger of outside violence that might cause harm to employees. It is the duty of managers to ensure a safe working environment for employees (Elizabeth and Bakken 3).

To encourage employees to report any cases in regard to safety, the human resource manager should ensure confidentiality of employees and procedure of reporting. This will help in encouraging more reports thus keeping the manager alert. The company should also ensure that employees are not overworked as this will create stress. Stress leads to creation of violence within the company. Stress can also cause direct harm to the company. For example, if an employee who is stressed tries to handle machines, this can cause harm to him and the people around. The manager should also deal with safety reports immediately without procrastination. Delaying of activities can cause harm to employees (Christine and Roger 17).


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