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Adopting Social Media

1.0 Introduction

Several individuals are concerned about what kind of information you relay to them on the internet. These individuals may comprise but not limited to the following. These include people like the consumers, business partners, stock holders, marketers, journalists, prospective employers and co-workers. They are usually interested in most of your personal contacts whether you are seeking employment or just socializing. It could become handy when selling a product, seeking employment, dating, seeking to score an investor or any other social activity in the net. The social network system is ideal in the management of the hurdles in the online customer relations.

The social network system is ideal in the management of the hurdles in relationships. Customer relationships are mainly propagated by the strong self-esteem and the sense of selflessness. Strong self-esteem and selflessness are personal traits responsible for strong relationships when interacting with friends via the social networking sites. All these traits can be obtained from the social media interaction since, by the virtual interacting with the friends across the globe, one gathers enough experience, which can also be used, in the interaction with community members. The customer relationships via the social media are expected to be stronger since the interaction involves a large number of people. This implies that an individual should be in position to tap enough skills. Notably, strong relationships are supported by games, politics, and other information that keeps people busy and enhances the communication.

1.1 Background Information

This customer company relationship through social network site communication also involves students. The students mainly feel excited about the relationships via the social networking media. In most cases, these are the college students who seek to establish strong relationships with friends all over the world. Notably, the kind of relationship that takes place in this case involves close friends. 

Research has shown that relationships via the social media are expected to be stronger than the ones using other mediums probably due to the fun involved. Students provide correct personal information since they are, in most cases, classified according to their education background, and, in this situation, it is presented in terms of the institution of study .A normal human being will be less excited upon learning that the person that he/she is interacting with is anonymous.

The case becomes different when the information about the other person is readily available. The openness of most students is what makes chatting with others exciting attracting a large number of college students.  It is also necessary to note that students are not always there to waste time but take this opportunity to educate their colleagues. This kind of relationship involves constructive activities are hard to fade away with time.

1.3 Statement of the Problem

The paper seeks to investigate the factors underlying the use of the internet and the social media in controlling the consumer or buyers confidence in the same spirit of profit making and generation of income. The paper will link the relationship of the following issues bordering the lives of an individual. Online experience, primary online, sexual preference and individual characteristics like economic and specific traits.

1.4 Objectives of the Study

The objectives of this paper are divided into two major groups. The main broad objective and the minor specific objectives. The broad objective of the study is to fully understand the trends in the online purchases and its influence on consumer behaviors. The specific objectives are as follows:

i.To find the link between internet use and consumer behaviors

ii.To investigate the relationship between the technological advancement and the rise in demand for different commodities.

iii. To understand the relationship between sexual prevalence in the social media to the purchasing power of the same.

2.0 Literature Review

2.1 Introduction to the Chapter

The social marketing sites have also enabled people to trace their old school friends thereby reviving relationships that could be otherwise be perceived to be dormant. Without the social networking, sites reviving old relationships are impossible. The social networking sites have also enabled some graduates to get some friends who will help them to maneuver in the field of employment. The social networking friends take up the role of guiding them to achieve their dreams. Some friends trust each other to extent of doing business later in their life.

The most important what individuals do is the evaluation on each other’s interests and objectives. The people can now go to the business relationship, which is again strong due to the constant communication. However, this should take time as not everybody’s character matches what he says. The above information justifies the fact that the social networks communication has strengthened the relationships. People should take part in the social networking as it is educative and builds a stronger self-esteem. This will help strengthen their relationship with the members of the community.

2.2 Public Relations

Public relations are about time and concern on how much a person impresses a colleagues. Many people like friends who are active in games and update them on the current happenings. Some computer games can be played through the social media. Information about sports and politics can also be exchanged not forgetting about the nice photos that can be uploaded and shared.

Playing social networking games and exchanging political or sport information strengthens relationships. This is because of the time dedicated by each person to impress the others. One thing we are not supposed to forget is that the social sites have played a major role in the elimination of racism, which may be a hindrance to the positive relationships in the ordinary societies.

2.3 Online Consumer Behaviors          

Consumer behavior can be defined as the studies aimed at informing the marketers, advertisers and public agencies onto how a commodity selection can be influenced by personality, values, beliefs and perceptions. In cases of marketing reasons, the influences are studied in demography. The context of demography here includes ethnicity, age family size income, marital status, employment and education. Elements such as sociology, psychology, economics and social anthropology play a major role in consumer behavior. Consumer behavior fundamentally interprets the decision making process of the consumer both in groups and as an individual. It tries to assess what influences the consumer in making consumption behavior like the friends, families and society in general. 

3.0 Methodology        

The systems used in the acquisition of knowledge in the two countries differ tremendously. Currently more information can be obtained by the growth in then technology. A good percentage of the people have access to the computer and the internet. This enables them to access much information about a product or series of products. With maximum information on products, they can easily make very informed decisions on the exact product to choose from. Individuals with limited access to information cannot make an informed choice on the products available. There are several factors that contribute to the consumption of  products. These have led to the development of the consumer differences between the two countries. There are the cultural, economic, political, informational and natural factors that have contributed to the differences in the consumer consumption in different business environments depending on the advancement in technology.

3.1 Limitations of Online Services

Online use is of importance, but it also has some factors at the other side of the coin. The creation of link bait is a very common phenomenon in the current society since it comes with the emphatic goodies. This is because once a link bait cannot find or locate links then it is not considered as a link bait. It becomes very valuable once it provides a link. This is the main aim of most search engines in the society. Link bait will fit both the ethical SEO and even the white hat. First, let look at the definition of link bait. This is some content designed with the aim of being viral to the net.

3.2 Influence on CRM

Cloud computing stores data and performs functions over the Internet and does not require on premises servers, software or hardware. Advantages include scalability, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, real-time visibility and remote accessibility from mobile locations and devices, are also discussed, as well as an introduction to the various methodologies which utilize cloud computing, like platform as a service and software as a service. Custom application development benefits a business by targeting and taking care of its unique needs is also touched upon. Sales force automation relates to customer relationship management in aspects like lead tracking and integration, customer tracking and metrics, and automated sales reports that can paint a picture of your customer base. CRM can help improve knowledge of the customer in order to lead to greater customer satisfaction and company profitability, all without marketing research.

If one as a customer had a not so good experience at a certain business premise, then the proprietor with the knowledge of this, would have the opportunity to straighten things out and retain the business of that particular client when next they come knocking. To the client, it would mean very much if he or she found out that their complaints or suggestions had been incorporated by the organization and hence a new personalized experience. The use of customer relationship management in the tourism and hospitality industry has gained popularity over the years, as one of the best ways to maintain clients by ensuring their satisfaction. By doing this, hotel managements can better advice their staff on clients preferences, likes and dislikes in order to better relate on a more personal level with the customers.


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