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Informatics and Computing

Wireless Networking Security

Network operating system is a system where two or more computers are connected with the purpose of sharing resources. The available resources include exchange files, printers, and compact discs (Chen, 2013). Computers are linked in a network through satellites, radio waves, cables, infrared light beams, and telephone lines. Basically, there are two main types of networks, which are Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN). Other types of networks are Metropolitan Area Network (MAN), Wireless LAN (WLAN) and Wireless WAN (WWAN) (Halsall, 2005). Network security entails safety of the system by restricting unauthorized personnel to have an access to the shared resources. With the advent in the Internet penetration, most network security threats come from the Internet. Technology advancement has led to the invention of many wireless gadgets that require the Internet to operate. Wireless access to the web is the most commonly used form of connecting to the Internet in the public, schools, and organizations. Thus, the requisite for secure networks is to avoid identity theft, data theft, hacker attacks, viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and spyware and adware. The study seeks to analyze what is the wireless security and discuss its safety measures to protect the network.


Wireless (LAN) is the most popular networking method that is used by various organizations and institutions. It is affordable to purchase and easy to install. With the information of personal, military, commercial and governmental character available online, it is prudent to have a strong wireless secure network. There are, however, two types of wireless security systems, which are Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) and Wi-Fi Protected Access (WAP). WEP protocol is a security feature in IEEE 802.11 standard and it is the most widely used wireless security algorithm on the global level (Regan, 2003). It had opened the system authentication and shared key authentication. It has three settings off no security, 68-bit weak security, and 128-bit security. The key encrypts the information and sends this information to the other computer. On the one hand, despite being the oldest security system, it is not widely recommended due to its numerous security lapses and easiness of hacking (Halsall, 2005). On the other hand, WAP requires other users to know the key in the form of passwords to gain the access to it. The wireless security is designed in such a way in order to avoid security breaches. Therefore, it is an advancement of WEP, where WAP has a pre-shared key and increase encryption of 256-bit. WAP advanced integrity checks include Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP). TKIP uses a security measure of per packet key system, as compared to the fixed key in WEP. TKIP is superseded by Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), which sends more secure packets of information.

For a wireless network to be considered reliable, it needs to allow only authorized personnel to have an access to the data. Besides, the data in the system that is transmitted via wireless has to remain confidential. The wireless security system should be able to authenticate the right person or staff accessing the data in order to limit the identity theft (Kaufman, Perlman, & Speciner, 1995). The security system has to maintain the integrity of the data in that it cannot be modified in transit. The security system has to ensure there is no non-repudiation in the network. Indeed, to protect the wireless network, one has to apply Advanced Encryption Standard protocol and complex passwords to secure the wireless network.

Informatics Relation to Wireless Networking Security

Informatics is the relationship between what is inside the computer and what is on the computer (“Advanced Computing, Networking, and Informatics- Volume 2”, 2016). Informatics applies to wireless networking security, where communication and sharing of resources from one computer to another take place. Besides that, the intranet of any organization or institution needs to be secure from the unauthorized access. There are two components about wireless networking security, which are network security and data security.

Network security applies to businesses and organizations. Network security systems share the information internally and externally using the shared resources, while some connections are not via cable, wireless is the most widely used. Transmission and encryption of data in wireless communication without corrupting the data is the key to ensuring the organization’s data are safe (Regan, 2003). Also, many organizations have online payment systems through the Internet. It is paramount that these networks computing ability and wireless security encryption are stable. The stable and safe system guarantees data security. Data security refers to the prevention of unauthorized personnel to computers, websites, and databases. The main idea of data security is to protect the digital data from data corruption and theft.

Wireless networking security is safe and encrypted to prevent the unauthorized access. With the issue solved, wireless systems are considered to be cost effective, whereby using radio reduces the cost of wiring and internal labor to maintain the network. Furthermore, it prevents an access to data through clipping of wires. Wireless devices are appealing and have sleek components, encouraging users to use them, for example, such gadgets are phones and tablets. Installing devices, like router and nano stations, is easier. As they are small and portable, considering they can broadcast in a wide range (Regan, 2003). Wireless devices are tested carefully because, with simple instructions in setting up, they are often bought by persons not conversant with computer technologies. After further analysis of the topic, it has come to my attention that the security features of wireless gadgets have improved tremendously over time. The continuous research on wireless networking security has had manufacturers build high quality and durable devices. In conclusion, current wireless security is stable, efficient and safe, notwithstanding the small challenges the systems face from time to time.

”Second Chance” TV Show

The TV show is called the “Second Chance.” It is the first premiered season with a total of 11 episodes per season. The title of the show is “Gelassenheit”. The show is about a disgraced ex-LA county sheriff who was known to be corrupt. The 75-year-old sheriff is murdered by being thrown off the bridge. Due to his rare gene, he is taken for experiments after his sudden death by savvy technology twins Mary Godwin and Otto Godwin, the owners of Looking Glass Company. The retired sheriff is brought back to life with experiments and techniques from Looking Glass Company. There is a very smart programmer named Otto but he has difficulties in communicating and socializing. He only communicates with his sister through their own language, but over time he has learned to talk. He is the brain of Looking Glass Company, while his sister is the operations architect there (Ziegel, 1995). The company produces transparent high powered phones, tablets, and artificial intelligence spectacles. Most episodes show the use of technology but the center of interest will be presented in the episode 11 of the season finales. The study will focus on chapter 11, where Otto is communicating with the artificial intelligence program called Arthur in the house, car and the plane before crashing to end the episode and, to a larger extent, the first season.

The artificial intelligence program in the show is also available in real life. Today it is available in video games, smart cars, virtual personal assistants, mostly in phones, fraud detection systems, and purchase of prediction software used by large retailers (Sridevi, 2011) . Also, the technology is available in advanced militaries, industries, online customer support, news generation and etc. Arthur who is a part of the artificial intelligence program could do anything under the instructions of Mary and Otto Goodwill. The show has expounded the technology in a way the program could hack governmental records, fly a plane and even diagnose patients, as seen in Otto’s lab experiments. The technology is available to everybody, apart from smart cars which are found on high-end cars and deemed expensive. However, there is development by researchers to create systems that mimic human behaviors and attributes, which are still undergoing research. By the progress that is seen in building robots, the research is succeeding leap by leap. On the one hand, the technology is solving problems in the real world in the health care department, where artificial programs are diagnosing patients and prescribing drugs. On the other hand, it is creating problems in the advancement in the military (Kaufman et al., 1995). Nowadays, nations are waging war based on their technology capability, and artificial intelligence is at the forefront of it. The characters in the show are benefitting from the technology; for example, their company Looking Glass is one of the richest firms in the country courtesy of the technology. The twins are very wealthy, having investments in other sectors. It has also eased the normal daily life of the people in the show. The house of twins is a technological heaven, where the artificial intelligence program appears in any glass in the rooms (Sklavos, 2014). In the real world, the technology is used in news generation in writing simple stories, like sports recaps, financial summaries and fantasy sports Kempen. However, the morality of the technology is in question by scholars and researchers.


Ethically the technology has considered a milestone. It has more benefits than disadvantages considering the numerous problems it solves. However, governments and corporations use the technology to snoop on its citizens and clients, respectively. Activists consider these as unethical acts by the institution. Also, some financial analysts use the algorithms to predict the market patterns, thus making profits on the back of manual traders. The event is considered legal but unethical foreplay. Artificial intelligence is growing by bounds and is believed to increase in the next 5 to 10 years. In 10 years’ time, researchers predict they will have machines with full human intelligence. In conclusion, the future of artificial intelligence remains to be seen now, either it helps people to achieve their objectives or it destroys the society.

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