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Asian Financial Crisis essay
This research paper discusses the financial and currency crisis experienced in South East Asia at the beginning of 1997. The paper highlights the major causes of the crisis as intertwined in the International Political Economy (IPE). The paper further discusses the mercantilist theory as applied to ...
Economic Impact on Jobs and Houston's Economy after the Expansion of Houston's Hobby Airport essay
Abstract On 4th April, 2012, Houston Airport System presented an interoffice correspondence memorandum to the mayor of Houston; there they highlighted a proposal. It contained the information that if implemented it would foresee the expansion of Hobby airport. However, after the proposal was ...
The Economics of Protectionism essay
The history of international economic relations is associated with the development of two concepts in the approach of international relations and as a result of it - the two trends in the state of foreign policy. Protectionists consider the necessity of the implementation of the state protection of ...
Monetary Policies essay
Monetary policy is an example of macroeconomic policy that is undertaken in pursuit of manipulation and control of macroeconomic variables such as GDP, BOP, and employment among others. This manipulation is done to achieve macroeconomic goals. Monetary policy, therefore, involves control and ...
Nigeria: Economic Report essay
Globalization is a dominant force in the contemporary world. Today, the process is being driven by the rapid growth of information technology. It should be mentioned, however, that globalization is not paralleled with the history of humankind. In this perspective, most states have joined efforts, ...
Outsourcing essay
Outsourcing is a business trend whereby a business is contracted to an independent organization from the prior. In return the contacted business is bought back as a service from the independent. This definition is also applied to offshoring, which is the transfer of part of a business to another ...
Singapore Macroeconomic Stability essay
Economic stability is the ultimate goal for any country. Many factors are paramount in achieving stable economies. The Asian countries have seen a remarkable growth in their economies. Macroeconomic stability has been the driving factor to this growth. Empirical literature indicates that ...
State of the U.S. Economy essay
A good number of Americans are becoming increasingly aware of the deteriorating state of their country’s economy. This can largely be attributed to the increased trade deficits and importation of expensive services. The U.S. credit crunch and the rising national debt are attributed to the war ...
The Crisis in Iran essay
In the 1950s, the United States helped Iran launch its nuclear programme as part of the “Atoms for Peace” programme (Carter, 1980). In 1974, the Shah of Iran established the Iran Atomic Energy Organization and announced plans for an ambitious nuclear program that would eventually ...

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